Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Balancing Tasks and Play is Serious Business

I get so distracted by things that need to be cleaned, texts on my phone, emails on my phone and computer, what I am going to make for lunch and dinner, obligations to those outside of the family that I haven't met yet and the list goes on.

Last night while tossing and turning a memory from the day came to mind. My three year old was tugging on my arm to get my attention, which was fully engaged on the computer. I look over at him, at those eyes that you can get lost in and a smile that literally melts my heart. There is not much more time before his next birthday. Not much time at all. Right now is the stage where he likes to cuddle. He sits next to me, playing with his toy. I kiss his tousled, brown hair and he leans into me.  Takes my breath away.

At another point in the day my 9 year old asked me a question for the third time. I responded sharply and brought tears to his eyes. Grace. I need grace and I need to give grace.  Once realizing my error I put aside yet another attention captor and talk with him. Really listen to him. Then we went back to his room so that he could show me what he is learning on the piano. I am forgiven. He feels loved.

Distractions not only can steal sweet moments and teaching opportunities, they can also lead me to self-absorbtion. That is why irritation can arise bringing forth a hasty, unkind reply. I feel interrupted from what I want to do.  However, I understand that there are some things I HAVE to do and they also need to learn to be patient. I am working towards that balance of task and play, scheduling my day so that I can make sure I have quality time with them.  Even before marriage and children there was a need for this with my family and friends.

After a trip to the park we came home in good spirits, laughing and joking with each other. I was able to return to my tasks and they played together because they felt invested in.

What does your schedule look like? How do you balance your tasks and play? I can use all the help I can get!

And one color photo for the outfit...

Top and cami were gifts from Wet Seal, Black/White jeans haven been in the closet, scarf was a gift and the sherpa booties that you can hardly see were purchased with Gap rewards.



  1. Thank you for this post! I needed to hear it...

    1. Thank you! I'm such a sap I just teared up thinking about it all over again.

  2. Thanks for sharing Chrissy.. Needed to hear it and be reminded. Xoxo


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