Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Market, To Market

Within ten minutes from our home are 3 grocery store chains, but yet I still choose to make a 45 minute to an hour drive to the world market once a month.   So why would I make this trip with the added expense of gas and time? Well, i am so glad you asked...

LOWER prices on everything that is a whole food.  I can certainly find organic cereals cheaper at Kroger or Publix, but that is not what I am there for anyway.

FRESH bread, cheeses, meats, fish, produce galore, spices and the list goes on!! Did I mention the great selections of coffee?

TREATS for me to enjoy while I shop...If I want a quick snack I can stop at the bakery case and order a tasty pastry and a cup of coffee. Or if I get hungry and want a full fledged lunch,  I can eat at their Market "Restaurant" bar, which boasts of fresh natural and organic ingredients.

The option to purchase BULK items such as legumes, nuts, grains, and much more.  I have been expanding our supply of bulk items for the last couple of years. Without a doubt it saves us money and makes my life easier.

Don't like going solo? Neither do I! Over the years I have found traveling buddies to go with. We take turns driving, making it more cost effective.

Loaded up and ready to go...

We like to bring our own bags

Now, I would so enjoy sharing pictures of some of the their amazing goodies but this sign greets me at the door upon entering...

Yeah. Bummer, right?   But if you are local and want to explore what they offer, you can go to and see pics they have uploaded themselves.

Look at these pretty ladies!

Yeah, there is not a lot of space to loiter, but if you can find a spot that is not in the flow of market traffic...go for it! And finally...

Love. Thy. Lettuce.

Yeah. I'm a goober.

And if all that is not enough to convince you to venture to a world market near you, here is what some of traveling buddies are saying:

"The farmer's market has a wide variety of local organic food at good prices. I can shop there and feel good about what I'm feeding my family. Between the market and other sources, I'm able to get as close as possible to farm to table food"  - traveling buddy Heather

"I like knowing that what I'm buying is going to be fresh." - travel buddy Courtney

"I love the selection and great prices for organic. And of course time with you!" (hey, I'm just quoting what was said here) - travel buddy Donna

I will leave you with one final photo and two important pieces of information if you decide to go to this particular market.

1. Bring a sweater. They keep it pretty cool in there all year round.
2. NO credit cards are accepted. Debit card, cash or check. Hot bar and restaurant are cash only.

Most of the goods I purchased
Have you been to a local farmer's market? What was your experience?

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