Friday, March 22, 2013

Business Woman's Special??

I can remember a time when I used to day dream about being a successful business woman (oh! and a singer, an actress, world traveler, linguist, but I will stick to the one dream for now). As a successful business woman, I would be IMPORTANT! When I had time I would sit in my prestigious office and periodically appreciate the view. Otherwise,  I would be rushing throughout my day, rattling off instructions to the assistant, who would furiously take notes on her clipboard.  Yes! This was before iPhones, Droids and iPads.  Let's not leave out my designer heels that would click and clack down the hallways, notifying all of my impending approach.

Can you hear the abrupt scratch on the record??  Well, I did work as an administrative assistant for a short time, but this is about as close to business wear as I get these days...

Blazer by Halogen, Shoes by Chinese Laundry, Necklace by Lia Sophia & the rest are hand-me-downs

Right now I am the COO of the Rowden Clan, consisting of 1 husband, 1 wife, 4 boys and a cat. (The position for a little girl is currently closed for now.) In stead of designer heels I like to wear fuzzy socks that slip and slide across the floors in my house. The faster you run, the further you slide. Longest slide, wins! Okay, continuing on...

My CEO actually prepares me coffee on most mornings, but I fix up our cups just the way we like them.  We have a great partnership, he and I, and are in charge of the little people (pun totally intended).  Once the big boys are off to school, it is my job to remind the CEO of our weekly plans, obligations, and any needed repairs around the house, adding a little extra emphasis on those home repairs. Guilty.  Off to work he goes. Ahhh. Finally! I can sit down and eat that chocolate, hidden in a bowl away from sticky fingers, and start watching my favorite programs...YEAH RIGHT!!

Where did that Admin get to?? Replaced by iPhone
There are the younger two boys in need of training and refereeing.  Bills await payment, laundry piles daily, emails need to be returned, dishes collect hourly...You know what I'm talking about. While many of these duties can be mundane at times, I have experienced how it effects our family dynamic when I am not fully functioning mentally and/or physically. Therefore, making it all IMPORTANT!

In more ways than one, my youthful dreams have materialized, changed or have been set aside for a time.

Don't get me wrong though. I still enjoy my extracurricular activities, where I get to tap into the outside world and chat with other females. Can we say, "girl time"?? I already told you. The position for a girl in the Rowden clan is currently closed.

Some thoughts on being content with who I am and what  I am doing...

Often times I fall into the trap of believing the lie that says my self worth is based on what I can do, how I look, my gifts and talents, who likes me, how "important" I am, and "who" I think I should be. When I believe this lie, it's like living my life on an emotional see-saw. When all is going well and "everyone" likes me, I am on a slip-around-your-house-in-fuzzy socks-high, but when negative criticisms come - and they do - I am dropped low to the ground with a resounding thud, revealing yet again what a precarious position this outlook holds on life.  I need to embrace my Maker and who He says I am, and not be defined by what others may say or think (good or bad). I am very important to Him and to my family as well. Hopefully, you are reminded of how loved and important you are!

P.S. Do you like the blazer with jeans look?

P.S.S. When I am unhappy with who I am and try to be someone I'm not, I end up looking, well, just plain old ridiculous.  Here is a movie clip to emphasize my point. It cracks me up every time I watch it.  Turn up your volume and enjoy!


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