Saturday, April 6, 2013

J.Crew Plaid Lives On

I didn't realize how good of a deal I landed at JCrew a couple of months ago when purchased this plaid shirt for $22.  That is until I went to peek around at another sale they were having a week ago. Their sale shirts were running around $50 to $99!!

Finding mulitple uses for this garment would make the sale price even better! So, here are a couple of ways that I tried out this shirt.

My first attempt...High scores on comfort, but I'm not too excited about the overall look.  However, I do particularly like the yard debris that I walked right past without noticing.  Maybe I should open my eyes when I'm strolling about the place. That might help. Well, at least I know where my children get it from.

Next: Easter get together with family and friends...keeping it casual to prepare for the Adult Easter Egg Hunt. I look forward to it all year long, seriously. I love how all the grown ups run around like crazy hunting for these eggs. Frantically we search through bushes, ignoring their sharp pricks. Sprinting with the one egg we are allowed to grab at a time, we look for our bag holder to leave our loot and run back to hunt for more. Shake. Shake. I hear jelly beans. Leave that one. Hunt some more. High and low. Where are the good eggs???   This year we came out with most of the big prizes that included gift cards to Long Horns and Cracker Barrel, so we may not get an invite back next year. haha.

Blue cobalt capris ($5 from the Rack) Jean Jacket - OLD

Number three: Spring has arrived but last week winter seem to be hanging on with chilling winds. Therefore, I decided to combat the winter feel with some colors of spring such as the color of this sweater, which also happens to run through the plaid shirt.  Sometimes one new item can make the whole outfit feel new!

The final one for today is also my favorite...When I wear this outfit I feel like twirling around in circles, dangling from a rope and leaning up against bales of pine straw that I should really be spreading instead of horsing around with pictures.  Indeed I am a goober!! Actually, I wouldn't advise doing these activities in your nice white pants. They may get dirty. Just saying.  

White pants are also from J Crew for $20!!

I wonder if I will find more wears for this button-up. Any ideas and do you have an old plaid stuffed in your closet that is just waiting to be used??

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