Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Please, Step into the Parlor

The milk parlor that is...

I stop at the gate. Ring the owners at Rancho Alegre and state my purpose. I am cleared and I press "0". The van rolls forward as I drive slowly, glancing to my left and right taking in the serene atmosphere.

Chickens are going about their business, pecking the ground for insects.  Goats are doing their thing and there is even a donkey, a guardian to the other animals. I continue on and there they are. Those big beauties with the chocolate brown eyes. I slow some more and wave as one pauses from her snack to glance at me. "Hi, Mrs. Cow". I try not to stare at her big udders but I know what they provide. Milk. Fresh, smooth and creamy, milk.  The cows are out there chewing on grass and roaming around on the farm. Just as it should be. I sigh in contentment and pull up to the Parlor.

Time to make my weekly exchange.  I drop off my empty Ball jars in my designated slot on the shelf. It even has my name on it.  I walk over to the refrigerator case and pull out two jars filled with milk.  Then I sign off that I completed my pick up and away I go.

Cream on the top, just as it should be
Do you have any famers local to You? It would seem that more and more people are looking beyond their grocery stores for additional food choices. I enjoy venturing out and meeting others in our community just as much as the fresh sustenance they offer.  There is so much knowledge available to us from those right in our own backyards, so to speak. Let's get out there and meet people!

*Dairy, Dairy, Dairy why are you so contrary??*

Diary is a food commodity that I have struggled with over the last several years. To consume or not to consume. Research has taken me on a wild ride of choosing organic milk from the grocery store to soy then almond milk. I already know that a better choice would be raw goat's milk, but that is expensive and harder to come by. Back to the drawing board. I will not tell anyone what they should do about their dairy choices, save to take the time to do your own research.  There is just far too much information, controversy and risks involved, seemingly, no matter which route you choose. Unless you decide to cut out dairy altogether. We love cheese. Kids like cereal from time to time. Cookies and milk - YES!

I would like to further my research on all the options yet again. For now (cause it could change), my family only consumes one gallon a week between the six of us and half of it goes towards making yogurt and some baking. I will leave you with a few posts I "enjoyed". Warning: reading them, along with the reader's comments, may cause you to want to throw your hands in the air and cut out dairy altogether. lol.

*Education Is Liberation*

Great and informative chart:


GMOs in Dairy? 

These are a somewhat timely to read but will give you further education on genetically modified organisms and how dairy is involved.



What dairy choices has you and/or your family made? Do you have a favorite farm you would like to share about?


  1. Love this!! Such inspiration to find a local farm :)

  2. We don't drink milk and I try not to use it when I'm cookin'. It's just no bueno for my stomach. BUT, if we were to drink it, I would much rather get it from Mrs. Brown Cow.

    1. Thank you for my before bed smile and laugh! hahaha. Now I can sleep.


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