Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random: the Rowdies have a Camper??

Can you hear it? Listen closely. It's the theme song to Sanford and Son. You listening now? To enhance your reading experience, hum that tune as you pursue the last sentence of this post. Ba-da-da-dat-dat-dat. Ba-da-da-dat-dateh-dateh-dah...You got it now.

Come on down and visit us. Turn in our our neighborhood and go until you come to a quaint ranch, no wait, CAMPER! Yeah you cannot miss it.

The Rowdies have a camper?? I wouldn't have believed it myself. Our last family camping trip was about 5 or 6 years ago, so how is it that a 30 foot camper now sits in our driveway? The first mention my hubby made of investing in a camper was back in the fall. I was not ready to entertain the thought in the least. After all, our family of six abides in a little ranch consisting of 1200 square feet. My mind was on possible upgrades or additions - something to get these crazy cuties out from under my feet!

The topic of a camper would surface from time to time but it became more persistent after he spoke to a friend that buys them from auctions, fixes them up and sells them. Oh boy. My firm stance was beginning to waver, especially when I thought about the activities my husband and sons do together. They do all things boy and I let them have at it most days.

Knowing that our time with our children goes by so fast caused me to reassess the importance of upgrading right now.  So, come spring we agreed to begin the search for a used camper trailer.  One week later our camper source had already found the layout we were looking for.  That was hardly enough time to come to grips with reality! I was thinking we would have a month at least, but...

You are looking at my home extension folks! The irony of it all is as I type this post, all the boys are out hanging in the camper while mom gets some down time.  Not exactly what I meant when I was thinking upgrades, but I will take it! And I promise that I will be going on the camping trips with them, even though it may be tempting to find solace at home.  In the name of quality time and good memories I will fall in love with our camper!!!

She is starting to grow on me

 Come on inside and see what we have to work with. Other than parts to get this puppy up and running, we have tried to keep purchases to a minimum. All bedding, towels, etc have been pulled from around the house to save money.

 I'm thinking about spray painting the light fixtures. Any suggestions?

We may break down and get an actual coffee machine.

Spices from the market
The Bedrooms

Mom and Dad's abode

The duvet set was given to us and the quilt was made by Glen's late grandmother, bringing a meaningful touch to our home away from home.  As soon as I figure out what we will actually need on one of these "camping" trips, I will begin to stock cabinets.

the bunk room
Notice the absence of a television in their room. We think that one in the main area would suffice, but would like to make this space functional. Ideas?  Even without the t.v., the boys love their room and have in fact already slept in the camper on three separate occasions.  I hope that I will be as equally enthused with my sleeping arrangements.

Looking forward to sharing some of our camping journeys.  Do you have any camping tips or stories to share?



  1. It will make life easier if you start building a collection of pots and pans, silverware, plates, etc. that you store in the camper. Think garage sales, clearance aisle at WalMart...doesn't have to be brand new. Sheets and towels are more easily brought from what you'll need to wash when you get home anyway. Definitely get a coffee pot, toaster, and even a crock pot and microwave to keep in the DO NOT want to get out and find out you've forgotten the coffee pot!...because those things are too hard to carry in and out of the house when you're packing for a trip. You'll find great deals at WalMart or even Goodwill on them.

    1. Harriett, thank you for the GREAT suggestions. Looking forward to learning more from seasoned campers such as yourself. Girls trip? I'm in!

  2. I have been wanting a camper for years, the thing keeping me from getting one is everyone keeps telling me that my van will not be able to pull it. I think it would be so much fun to take off for months at a time traveling around the US. You guys will have a great time and if I ever get one we can meet you at the campgrounds (that is the only way I will camp, I hate tents). :)

    1. Karen, you are right to be concerned about what your van can pull. We learned that Glen's truck will not pull much more than this camper and we will have to get a special hitch for any trips that are not local. I could not imagine having to be the driver pulling one of these...Lastly, I love the idea of camping with other families!

  3. Um, I think we need to take it on a girls' camping trip. That is, if Glen would let it out of his sight. In fact, I'll bring the horses and we'll have quite a fun time!

    1. Love that idea! This could be my chance to learn to ride again. :) Just need someone who could drive/pull this monster. lol

  4. I can't wait until our camper is an "extension" of our home! ;-)

    1. I can imagine, but I love reading about your adventures with the property. My boys would love it - the grown one as well!


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