Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Means Sleeveless

I have three or four sleeveless, embellished tanks that I think are fun but take more thought to throw together at times.

So here is the first outfit with a simple pair of cut off shorts, my sandals from Clarks and few accessories to pull everything together.

$5 bracelet, $5 watch
This next outfit was worn to church.  Never mind the smirk. It is not directed to you, but rather my beloved photographer and hubby who likes to mess with me. Can't say that I blame him since he is usually busy when I approach him and say, "honey can you, like, stop what you are doing and take a picture of me in this outfit?". He must love me!

The jean jacket is old and the shirt, along with the skirt were given to me.  The blue jean wedges were a steal I found at Nordstrom rack and the bracelet was my $5 Target find. I love that with today's styles you can put a t-shirt with a dressy skirt!

To give you a better look at the tank
Do you have any fun tanks that need to be put to use again?

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