Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cap Sleeve Dress, 2 Ways

I was going to turn in early last night, when I stumbled upon the cutest blog that had a "Trend of the Month" challenge. This month's trend is "hats", so I'm linking up with Marion Berry Style for the first time. Instead of going to sleep, I found myself digging around my closet for new outfit possibilities to go with my fedora.

After quite a few changes and a good pile up on my bed, I went with this cap sleeve dress.  This dress had been hanging in the closet with the tag still on for a couple of months, awaiting it's appropriate time. Guess now is as good a time as any...

***A Casual Touch***

Dress found for $9.88!

***Dressing Her Up a Bit***

Gift from my Mother-in-law
Change up the shoes, switch out the handbag for a clutch and I'm ready for date night. :)

hmmmm, where should we go tonight?

Which look would you feel at home in? I just can't decide.



  1. Obviously both are gorgeous. But if I have to pick, I like the color splash with the red shoes better!


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