Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little Cut Off Action (or a LOT)

You know what I love to do in the beginning of summer?? Make exciting travel plans, even though I know I can't fit them all in!

At the start of each summer I feel as if I will have all the time in the world. However, before I know it the end of July quickly approaches threatening my summer plans! But for those day trips and week long trips that I do fit it, I can't think of anything more comfortable and easy then my cut-offs.

The possibilities are endless with your cut-off jean shorts, as they are with jeans, but here are a few ways I sported, unashamedly I might add, my cut-offs! Oh and for a visual treat, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post!


Ahhh...what a comfortable and common place to seat yourself. Don't ask...some ideas seem like good ones at the time.

Adding color by accessories, I wore this to the movies

A simple neutral colored shirt with mid-thigh cutoffs and colored accessories. I actually tucked this shirt in and sported a green belt as well, which you are unable to see due to my fab diving board pose.


This next one I am wearing the same shirt, but left it untucked and added different accessories. I like this one more.
Slight variation in accessories, I wore this to run errands

Here are my knee length cutoffs. Why to the knee? I don't know. I just know that they are comfortable.
I tried something different by pairing my striped long-length shirt. By the way, getting a photo done around my house without being photo bombed takes some sneakiness and planning.  Fail. I was found...

Green smoothie for a quick filler before I run out the door

Lastly, the longer cutoffs with a graphic shirt. Notice I am sporting the same sandals with each ensemble. Yeah, my day to day has been kept pretty simple this summer. I wanted to wear the shorter cutoffs with cowgirl boots. Since we were going to the beach my sister said she wasn't going with me if I did. Well!   

Love my photo bombers!!
Lastly for today...blast back into the past for sure and use them for a bathing suit cover up. Put on a pair of roller blades and glide down the boardwalk. You know you want to!

Have you been sporting cut-offs this summer? If not, do you have a pair of jeans that have seen better days and could use a new purpose??

Yeah, don't do this.



  1. Love your blog Chrissy. You are just the cutest thing. Use to wear cut offs all the time when I was young. Thanks for giving me the idea to try again. Now if I can just get my legs to look as good as yours. :)

    1. Franki Farr, thank you so much!! What a sweet treat it was to open the blog and find your comment. You definitely should give the cut-offs another go! I will be looking out for them. :)

  2. Normally I hate jorts. But you totally worked it. Go girl!


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