Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Year Older - Who Cares!?

This week is my birthday week. Another year older...I try not to be a gal bothered by advancing years though admittedly, now that I have spied a few more grays, I want to buck the system!!

But it's not so much about the age as the tendency to feel as if you have to dress your age.  In many ways I do agree, but I am going to live right on the edge and hopefully keep folks guessing. Darn you grays!!

They say you are only as old as you feel. So regardless of how I feel I'm going to jump on the trampoline, run ridiculously through the grass to keep the kiddos wondering and play in my frilly skirt.

**See Disclaimer Below**
Ed Hardy Tee (hand-me-down), Lace skirt (Wet Seal - gift), Sandals (Clarks)

 I would wear this outfit to run errands, go shopping and maybe on a outing with my hubby, depending on where we went - a concert maybe? Where would you wear a get-up such as this?

Well, I better go and gulp down another green smoothie for those youthful vitamins! I hope you are having a wonderful week and if it's your birthday month - Happy Birthday!! Stay young at heart and take care of yourself so you can feel young too!


***Disclaimer: That's the only running I have done in quite some time.  Don't want to give any false impressions here.***  


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