Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Classic and Chambray

This skirt has a fun, girly feel about it that I enjoy, and pairing it with a white oxford shirt gave the ensemble a classic look. I loved the jean jacket, but didn't keep that on for long...

Wow! Nice hair, right? Gotta love what an extra ten minutes outside in the humidity can do!

Moving on...I purchased these wedges at the beginning of spring, thinking I would get so much use out of them, but August has arrived and I have only worn them once! Maybe it's because of all those jorts I was sporting. So inspiration for this outfit was all about the shoes.

Do you have a pair of neglected shoes that are waiting to inspire???

By they way, I finally purchased a tripod last week, enabling me to play around with pics more. Yeah, I don't have a personal photographer following me around! Hope you are able to enjoy your hobbies from time to time, in the midst of a busy schedule!

Chrissy :)

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