Friday, August 2, 2013

Cotton Dress & Mini-Adventures With My Boys

Dreaded summer activity: Putting my smooth, mom-mobile in the shop.
When your tires are balding and your alignment is causing muscle buildup in your right arm, you just can't put it off anymore.  Kiddos or no kiddos.

Have a plan: I chose a shop conveniently located to places we could walk to...right across the street from the mall. With play areas, fountains, lunch, and the Apple store our choices for entertainment were plenty. 

What I like to wear:  Comfy clothing a must. Heavy purses and extra baggage are not welcome on these type of days, so back to the comfy flats and cross-body purse from Clarks. 

My cotton dress that I found at a yard sale...I have to squelch the temptation to go crazy on accessories because there are so many colors to choose from.     

"Sunday Funday" - The 2nd nail color this summer - matches the bag
While at the mall, I did duck into one store and dragged all 4 boys along - not always fun for any involved

Dressing room shot, featuring the rest of my ensemble - oh and a couple of boys
The boys were told twice by the employees to climb down from the mannequin stands and only once to not pull on the scarves. Not bad, right? And I was only slightly embarrassed by the echoing sound of coins repeatedly rolling across the wood floors as I stood at the checkout counter.

On another note, I look forward to sharing my unexpected, end of the season finds with you! The deals were not as good as one would find at a yard sale (especially if the yard sale is at a friend's house who wouldn't let you pay for the item!), but they were good none-the-less.

Did you acquire any "new" clothes at a yard sale this season?

A little snapshot of our boring-turned-fun-day. 

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