Saturday, August 17, 2013

Red Shoes & Random Thoughts on Trends

My mom has wanted to take our boys on a little trip and that trip was confirmed at the last minute, so my hubbs and I had an impromptu date. When I stepped outside of my home that morning I was assaulted by fall winds. Back inside to regroup and change! Where did 80 to 90 degrees go??

Whatever would we do?? It felt as if the world was our oyster so to speak, but since my poor husband's only pair of jeans now have a growing hole in the knee, we decided to go shopping - yay for me! Dinner, shopping, I come. :)

I'm not actually sure why I reached for the red shoes, but I like how the outfit turned out. My big girl shoes were very comfortable to walk around in. In fact, they kept me from purchasing other shoes that I tried on that night because they didn't measure up in comfort.

I like how the jacket added to the look, though I left it in the car once we got to our destination.

Look, here he comes now! Ok. Not really. I don't know who is driving that car...

Closing thoughts that you may want to read if you are super bored. :)

 As I people watch, blog hop and get hit with ads left and right, I can't help but notice a trend with trends that I am struggling to wrap my brain around.  Let's take for example the bubble necklace that was really big in the spring. Is it already out?? Now I see long necklaces on a simple chain or fan necklaces. Of course there are a lot of others, but this is just for case in point.  Ok, a trend comes in. We buy that trendy piece that looks just like the ones so many others are wearing. Then before you know it, another style replaces it.

This is how I feel sometimes when I think about it...

I know. Not dramatic enough!!
Do you see where my thoughts are leading?  Do we need to have the bubble necklaces, the newest bracelets, purse styles, latest cut in pants and shirts AND all the rest? Or can we choose one or two items that we love and make them work with what we already have? Maybe this is where originality comes in as well.

These thoughts have disabled my shopping some. So, as my husband and I walked from store to store, I tried things on but I couldn't commit.  It's time to go back to a plan, list, etc.  I don't want to buy just to buy.  Is there a trend that I absolutely love? Great, I will put it on the list. Are my white shirts stained? Fine, add "white shirt" to the list. I don't want to be out there grabbing things that are in style just because they have great prices.

I think that by checking color charts (I almost always have shirts or pants in one of the "in" colors), mixing my favorite trendy pieces with classics, thrift store hop for fun and stick to the list, I can support a healthy budget and still look up to date. Not to mention keeping my "needs" in perspective.

So, I am still figuring out this balance, but look forward to the challenge of sticking to a list that I may add a "splurge" clause to.  What are your thoughts or suggestions on this topic?

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  1. very cute! AND you know I LOVE the red shoes!!

    1. Thank you. Yes I do know! You look great in red and I look forward to seeing your red boots more. :)

  2. Love reading your "ramblings". I agree totally about the trends. You look fab in those red shoes!!! Susan J

    1. Thank you Susan for the kind words and comment!!! :)


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