Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dressy Shorts

A friend of mine found these dressy shorts for $5 at Nordstrom Rack and in her thoughtful way, picked them up for me. Quite honestly I probably would not have pulled these off the rack to try on.  That's the great thing about shopping with friends (or even without them in this case!) - you encourage each other to try new styles.  

I was excited but unsure of how I would put these shorts to use...High up on the waist. No go. This would leave some cheek action going on in the back and, well, that's just not tasteful.

  Pulling the shorts down just a tad, adding a flowy top, and a belt with personality made me feel ready to wear them out. Only slightly self-concious with the feeling that I was playing dress up, I clop-clopped around one of our local malls in my high, camel wedges.  

Zara dressing room - just looking today :)
The shirt - Zara, a gift last year spring
The belt - Chicos, hand-me-down
Wedges - LOFT
Purse - B makowsky, Christmas
Shorts - Nordstrom Rack, $5

I will wear these again, but I think it will be for a date night. Or maybe I will wear some flats next time. Have you worn any dressy shorts this season?


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