Friday, August 30, 2013

How I Spruce Up My Casuals

Today I want to share about how I take my casuals and add what is to my thinking a little pizazz. There is nothing wrong with the way I am wearing this ensemble in the first picture but it's amazing how different I feel with a few added accessories, 5 extra minutes on my hair, etc. So, please allow me to present to you the before picture, featuring what I wore to stroll the neighborhood.

I could go pick up the bigger boys from school in this, but I feel much better when I leave the house like this...

Still nothing fancy, but that's a more confident smile right there. ;)

I quickly braided my hair, tucked in the shirt some, changed out the shoes for some complimenting sandals, added a few pieces of jewelry (one bracelet has some of the purse color for some "tie-in" fun), a pair of shades and I'm ready to go.

My husband is not a fan of the sandals and has been sweetly vocal about it. He refers to me as Pocahontas when I wear them, so I thought I should have at least one braid just for him. :)

How do you spruce up your everyday casual wear?

Outfit breakdown:

T-shirt: Banana Republic ($7)
Shorts: Gap (old)
Sandals: Nordstrom Rack ($5 find)
Bracelets: LOFT & Pandora
Crossover Purse: Clarks
Belt: Nothing Special


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