Monday, August 12, 2013

Variety Feature: From Trash To Treasures

Tuesday Morning, 2006 - MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Meeting

I can clearly remember being seated at my assigned round table, listening intently to the guests speakers. They were interior decorators giving us tips for decorating fire-place mantles and table center pieces.  To the left of us were two large tables loaded down with various decorative items and silk flower arrangements.  Each group received instructions to go and choose a few items to decorate their table with.  It was a fun exercise that gave inspiration to spruce up that mantel at home with items one may already have. This was before Pinterest, you know. :) Then at the end of the session they had a drawing for a free consultation in your home.

Not expecting my to hear my number called or even thinking that this prize would be appropriate for our home, I absent-mindedly looked around the room.  When they repeated the number for the second time, I came to and realized that it was my number being announced.  Oh no. They would take one look at my house and turn right back around.

My husband and I had recently purchased our small, older 3 bedroom ranch, with nothing updated but the carpets.  So I was embarrassed with a just a touch of hopeful.  Most of our furniture was given to us, all light fixtures were originals and our laminated counter tops were coming up at the edges. Little had been done to improve on its outdated appearance, not to mention meager funds to do so. I didn't think they would have much to work with.

When the day arrived for this special duo to come over they treated me with grace and dignity - as if I could be one of their biggest clients.  They made suggestions for each room, using what I already had on hand and some very inexpensive spray painting projects. The day was a total blessing, gifting me with hope and purpose to make our home one I could be more proud of. Who knew if I would ever see them again and share how much that day meant to me?


Fast forward about 7 years and here I was sitting in the home of one of those kind women, who I had re-connected with through a Bible study we attend.  She invited me over to lunch, just because, and has kindly agreed to let me share some photos of her home.

Meet Kathy. Full of smiles, quick to laugh, accessorized beautifully and ready to impart a kind word, which I would be remiss not to tell you where she says her joy and talents stem from - God and His love for her explained beautifully in the Bible. (Click here if you have questions about the Bible. Very cool site.) And now...Bringing you Trash to Treasure!

Oh, and her sweet pup!
Looking around her home was so fun. Most pieces had a story to tell...a trunk that her grandmother brought over from Ireland, a table that she hauled down the road once upon a time, while towing her two small children. There was story after story of discarded items that she repainted and/or made new uses for.

the trunk from Ireland

Loved the glass vase pictured below...Truly there was something to see where ever you turned!

The lunch I was spoiled with. I must add that my two 4 year olds were with me as well and they got to eat outside on the patio.

My favorite part of the visit? Time with a new friend, gleaning wisdom from a beautiful lady inside and out. The visit reminded me of the importance to practice hospitality by opening my home to others. There is no need for frills and hours of cooking, unless of course that is one of your talents and something you enjoy doing. Coffee and dessert. Finger-food Friday (yeah, I just made that up).  Just something to get us talking to others - face to face.

Thank you Kathy for a delicious lunch and a wonderful example!

P.S. We still live in that same house, working on updates, dreaming of expansions and sometimes praying for a different house as our numbers grew (mostly me - not hubby).  Today whether we stay or go, is no longer an issue for me. I am enjoying the adventure and the people who live here. Life is too full, too short to be consumed with what is next on the horizon. Besides there are still plenty of projects we can do to improve on our space challenges. That is not to say I won't have my days. But I am basking in the freedom that contentment brings while it is here!! Thank you God for even the smallest amounts of growth.


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