Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boston Proper: Ever Heard of 'Em?

I hadn't. And well why should I have? There are no stores local to me, but a friend of mine (with some connections - it's who you know people!!) took me to Chico's warehouse, where you can find dresses for $10 to $15, shoes for $3 to $10 and tops/bottoms for $5 to $10, all of which are either Chico's, White House Black Market or Boston Proper.  Chico's permits family/friends of employees to shop there once a month.

Dresses have always been low on my priority list, especially since they usually have a higher price tag. However with the prodding of my friend and some great prices I took the plunge and purchased a couple.

The Boucle Dress (friend had to tell me that too)

Please excuse the ray of sunlight, that is posing as a big spot on my dress!!

Side Note: My friend actually picked this dress out, but felt it was too short for her tall-self, so she pushed me to try it. I was surprised at how much I liked it on, but then chickened out at the last minute to wear it out.   After being chastised in a loving manner, I wore it the follow week. So glad I did.

I was eye level with my husband in these. That was fun.

An added jacket to ward off the early morning chill...

The shoes were Boston Proper as well.  With prices at over $100 for shoes on the website, $10 seemed like a good buy. For some reason, which we still haven't figured out, Boston Proper was more expensive than the clothing with the Chico's and WHBM tags. Any guesses?

Side Note: I'm going to need that kind of saving for all the foot doctor bills I rack up after sashaying around in these! Three hours of experiencing tallness is about all I can handle before these are back in the closet!  The thought of clopping through the mall in these makes me cringe. Not to mention the echoing attention I would draw to myself when people mistake me for a horse coming up behind them.

Outfit Breakdown:

Blazer: WHBM (old)
Dress: Boston Proper ($15)
Shoes: Boston Proper ($10)

Totaling $25, half of my October blow money budget.  The rest of my finds that day are to come...

Wearing dresses just might grow on me. Thankful for friends that push us to try new things and of course have great connections (haha).

What about you? Do you wear dresses much? If so, do you have places you frequent to find them at good prices?



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  1. very nice... I love the dress and I'll let you wear those shoes for me.. Outfit works well. :)


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