Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Planning Pays Off: Part 2

As stated in the previous post, I have never been much of a planner in any regards but especially when it comes to packing for a trip.  I'm sharing my planned ensembles because it was not as difficult as I imagined and it only took about 45 minutes to do so. The time was worth it!

Outfit 3: Relaxing Around the Farm

My fingers are crossed that leggings will stay current for years to come. They feel so comfortable and look stylish when the bootie is covered (just my opinion here). When taking a relax day into consideration there was no second thoughts...leggings, long cotton shirt and a chambray top for added layers.

Outfit Success: Total Comfort
Outfit Fail: Not easy to hike in those half boots!

Side Note: Those posts had a couple of large nails sticking up, hence the strange expression. Just add this to yet another one of my bad poses!

Outfit breakdown:
Chambray Top: LOFT (gift)
Cotton Top: Hand-me-Down
Leggings: Gift
Half Boots: Wet Seal (gift)

Total Cost: $0.00 BAM!

4th and Final Outfit: The Drive Home

Same Capris, Different top and accessories. I loved the combination of the floral scarf and striped, sequined top.

Side Note: I wasn't able to get pics of my travel day home, so I had to snap these shots yesterday when the weather was much cooler. So encouraged by the promptings of my sweet Facebook friends I "sucked it up", "took one for the team" and "just did it"!

Or Maybe I just have to use the bathroom! Yikes...
Outfit Breakdown:

Scarf: GAP ($10)
Sequin Top: Banana Republic ($12)
Capris: Nordstrom Rack ($5)
Shoes: Hand-Me-Down
Purse: B Makowski (Gift)

Outfit Total: $27 (over 6 month period)

So there you have it. Time permitting, I am sold on planning my outfits for traveling. It made preparation for each day so easy. Do have any packing tips to share?? Learning as I go...




  1. Wish there was "Like" button! Well done.

  2. I agree about leggings - so comfortable and cute (if the booty is covered).

    Hmm... packing is so hard! I would say as long as you bring a lot of things that are really versatile you'll be good. I try to pack light so I try to bring clothes I can wear multiple times.


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