Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Planning Pays Off

I love throwing together different outfit combinations, but have never been a fan of packing for any type of trip.  It's too much planning for this last minute girl. Only twice have I been successful with organizing complete outfits - head to toe, jewelry and all.  The trip to Asheville was the second. Yay! I am growing. I even thought to check the forecast for the weekend, which was going to be surprisingly warm.

Without further ado, I present to you the first two outfits! Wohoo! Holding your breath, I'm sure.

Travel Day: Outfit 1

Starting with the two travel days, I chose pants that would be comfortable and that I could use on the way there and back but tossed in a different shirt and scarf to change it up for the ride home.

I hope you haven't grown weary of seeing my cobalt capris because here they are again! I can't believe how much use these bright colored babies are getting.  They are super comfortable and were $5. Need I say more?

My sister made this head band for me so I wanted to show off her mad skills...

Side note: I started a "Fashion Get's" list on my phone to keep me focused on what would help my wardrobe as opposed to adding more "needs". Do you know what I mean? Sometimes when an item is on sale and cute, I think "I can make this work" when many times it ends up needing something else to go with it.
Anyway, I found these ankle boots while running errands before the trip. I was hoping to find a pair I liked at GoodWill, but after a few unsuccessful trips I lost patience and caved at Target for $17.

Outfit Breakdown:

Chevron Headband: lovingly made by my sister
Shirt: INC (Macy's) bday gift
Capris: Nordstrom Rack - $5
Ankle Boots: Mossimo, $17
Scarf: Old

Outfit Total: $22 (over a 6 month period)

Outfit 2: Touring Biltmore & Downtown Asheville

Next, I knew we were going to be touring the beautiful Biltmore first thing in the morning after arrival. So I chose something comfortable, but layered in case there was a little mountain air chill. However, I did not take into consideration that a full 12 hour day with lots of walking was part of the plan...

Were these the best shoes to wear for an all day and evening outing??
These half boots were comfortable until the 5th or 6th hour...burn, baby, burn!
True story: At dinner I ran into the bathroom to remove my sweaty socks and then hid them in my purse. Gross, but necessary. 

Side Note: I admired this blazer hanging in Banana Republic sometime back in April, but the $130 price tag sent me running to the sale racks. No good finds that day, but I enjoy getting inspiration from the store displays.  A couple months later during the end of summer clearance I find that same blazer, only this time it's $16. Sold!

Planning Fail: Shoes
Planning Success: Layers

Outfit Breakdown:

Blazer: Banana Republic ($16)
Top: Goodwill ($2)
Distressed Jeans: GAP $12
Half Boots: gift

Total: $30 (over 6 months)

I planned to the point of snapping pics on my iPhone to remember what accessories went with each outfit. I know. That is scary. Between sweaty socks stuffed in "GoodWill" purses to pictures of myself in various outfits on my phone, I may need help.

And still I press on...two more outfits to come! lol :)




  1. $16??? This never happens to me. You have to take me shopping!

    1. Lol! The problem is you have to be out there enough because it doesn't happen in one shopping trip. I wait for when the stores have an extra percentage off their clearance...only way I really like to buy. Unless it's already priced low. :)


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