Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stripes & Plaid, Brown on Black

We had a lazy morning. There was no place to be and it was cold outside - 24 degrees cold. Many of us stayed in our pjs for most of the morning.  A laid back feeling lasts only so long with 6 children cooped up inside. It was either brave the cold or risk something delicate of grandma's, so we bundled up and headed out.   How I wish the pictures would have captured the delicate, quick flakes that fell around us as we played.

Snow flakes fluttering 

To keep warm I layered and ended up liking the effect for more than just comfort. Stripes under my brown plaid. Cable zip up sweater and scarf. The wool mittens are borrowed and if I lived in this type of climate, I would definitely want a pair for myself!

An Illinois Corn Field Lays Dormant

There is something beautiful in the flat prairies of central Illinois. I love the trees and curves of Georgia, but find the backdrops here to be breathtaking. You can see for miles. Farm houses set in the middle of a field with a few trees surrounding them make for a serene landscape.   I keep telling myself to get outside early enough to watch the sunrise, but the cold, unhindered winds keep me snuggled in my flannel sheets.  One day!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and although I miss my family back home, I feel blessed to experience this special Holiday here with a group of people who understand the meaning of a good harvest.  I will close with a big Happy Thanksgiving and a few snapshots of how we played.

Outfit Breakdown:

Vest: Talbots (passed down)
Cable Sweater (sam's club)
Brown Plaid (GAP - old)
Striped Layering T - GAP
Jeans - WHBM (gifted - old)
Boots (Target - passed down)
Mittens & Scarf : borrowed

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***How We Played***

Teetering on the seesaw was fun for a about a half hour, but Lake Bloomington is just a walk away, calling the young and old to play.

We didn't get far before we noticed that the lake was partially frozen. Let the games begin!!

Not one of us could resist the urge to throw rocks onto the frozen surface. We competed to see whose rock could break through the ice and see who could "bowl" their rock into the water at the ice's edge. This is no backwoods entertainment people! It's good, old fashioned fun.

Hanging with the cousins is one of the highlights of Grandpa & Grandma's 

Yes, that is how my eldest son opted to leave the house.  At least no one else was craziest enough to venture out into the cold, thereby leaving family the only witnesses to his ensemble. I am so keeping this pic for future fun!!

When we were done with our play, we left the lake looking like this...


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  1. haha! Looks like everyone was enjoying thereself! Thanks for sharing.


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