Monday, November 25, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

It's 3 in the morning. The van is weighed down with luggage, snacks and portable electronics to keep the restless natives occupied on the journey we are about to begin. Total driving time is about 11.5 hours so I get to call it a journey, right? All that's left to bring is our 4 boys, who we leave sleeping until departure. Gently we wake them, hoping they will remain in their stupor and quickly fall back to sleep (and remain that way 'til daylight!!). We load the groggy little men, say a quick prayer and begin our travels to visit Glen's folks.

This is a well loved Thanksgiving tradition. What's not to love? Time with family. Great food. Spoiling. A jump on Christmas. (We exchange gifts early to get the joy of seeing everyone open each others gifts and to save ourselves the hassle of shipping them a month later.)

Of course I packed a few ensembles. Not too much though. My Christmas present from Mom Rowden usually includes a few new articles of clothing - yay!

Normally the weather in IL is somewhere in the 40s, so I planned accordingly...

Ahhhh, Glorious Sunshine

Hubby checked weather forecast for me. Apparently his definition of cold is different from mine. Chrissy's definition of cold: 40s 
Hubby's definition of cold: 20s
You can imagine my surprise when I decided to check the weather on the ride out here. 

I'm not long for the outside world...

It's cold and windy - BRRRRRRR!!!!!

My thin dress from the LOFT is more suitable to the Georgia weather, sweater not withstanding. So, I borrowed a different hat from Grandpa to help keep warm...

Hatee, Hatee, Hatee, HO!!

You know you want to sing it!! What does the Fox Say??? 

Later I added two more layers - chambray shirt under the sweater and a vest over everything. Layering is very popular right now, but I would have done it anyway.

Well, my blog pics may undergo a few changes for this week and I think that next time I will either check the weather myself or ask for specifics! I've been told there is a possibility of snow during our visit. Bring it...I've got Grandpa's fox hat!!

*Outfit Breakdown:
Sweater - Talbots (gift)
Dress - Loft 
Boots - Target (gifted)
Leather Bracelet - Target ($5 clearance)
Brown hat - GAP (old)
Fox hat - Grandpa (borrowed)

*Half the credit for this one goes to my sister, who helped finish off this ensemble. Sometimes we need an extra pair of eyes to get us out of those clothing ruts! 

Hope you are staying warm!


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