Friday, November 22, 2013

Working Through This Rut!

After my black leather skirt FAIL in the previous post, I went back to my closet again. The bed is covered in a growing pile of clothes and accessories.  My objective is to pull from what I already have (and maybe a few GoodWill finds) to make an updated and fresh look. This is a challenge I run into with each new season.   I try not to think about the fact that I have to hang everything back up as I try on one piece after another, taking photos when I like an ensemble (don't want to forget). This is all part of the initial time investment made that I don't always enjoy, but once I get the hang of it the fun begins. From this point I can determine what, if any, key pieces I'd like to add. I'm still figuring that out. So for now I will share a couple more outfits from the "in process".

***Improving...but we ain't there yet!***

Kicking through fall leaves always makes the outfit better, right? 

Not bad, but I don't love the length of this older skirt on me.  Solution: Cut and sew or roll up the elastic waist.  I think I will just roll up the waist.

Save for the purse, the articles of clothing in this ensemble have hung in my closet for years. In some ways I'm becoming a clothing pack-rat, only tossing out the items that don't fit or compliment me.  Stubbornly I hold onto certain items thinking I can make them work somehow and many times success is obtained.  If the closet begins to overflow then I will reassess.

***Great Pop of Color***

Yeah, I was twirling in my front yard. 

I like the length of this skirt and the pop of color. I would definitely wear this one out over the first one. Maybe an infinity scarf would make this one more complete?

Well, my friends. What do you think? Don't quit my day job??

Don't give up on me yet! I think a visit from my little sister was all I needed to get out of this rut.  Looking forward to sharing more.


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