Sunday, December 22, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Trees 2

Continuing with the tree saga...

This year has been the most difficult thus far to acquire those pictures by Christmas trees. The rain refuses to let up, discouraging one to leave the home and my schedule has been packed full. But I press on...

Tree #6: Our City Tree

My errand buddies.  Only a problem when they think they can tour all the offices at city hall. Embarrassing!

Yup.  We went on down into town to see about a permit to cut down a very large tree in our background.  More on that in a later post.  Turns out you don't need a permit for the first five trees you cut down in this here city.  But we grabbed the necessary brochures to look into a project that will most definitely require a permit. Like I said. More on that one later. :)

Tree #7: Memories, Loved Ones & Dance

I haven't had the opportunity to visit with this friend in about 3 years. Has it really been three years? But you know how it goes with catch back up and then it's like no time was lost.

Like most visits amongst friends the topics skipped from one thing to another, but one topic stuck with me.  Her zeal to experience life to the fullest.   I listened intently while she explained how the loss of  her dear sister to cancer and then her own bout with cancer changed her perspective on life.  She has little to no fear when it comes to trying new things.  Right now one of her adventures is baking bread and pastries to sell right in her kitchen, which she was doing during our visit.  When I asked her if one of her ornaments had special meaning there was no hesitation.  The ballerina slippers (I had forgotten she used to dance).  The ornament was a gift from her sister.  Thank you for sharing such a special part of you Stephanie!

Tree #8: Red & Gold

Hurray for college grads. No. I'm not referring to myself, but rather a friend who took her last exam this month. To commemorate this special day a few of us headed out to surprise her for lunch.  She would be an official graduate of UGA, which is why I dug around to find something in black and red. (This is all I had.)

Along the way we stopped to grab Lee Ann from the Meyer household, so why not get some quick tree pics in? Besides I was behind from a full weekend and I had yet to visit Ms. Lee Ann in her element. Win. Win.

Tree #9: Fire Place Mantles & Senior Pic Poses

Fireplace mantle tree features an amazing bow done by the Bowdabra.  I should get one of those! As far as the pose...I just don't know what goes through my head sometimes.

Tree #10: Revisited, Where did Medusa Angel Go??

The left side is the shot taken last year on my tour of Christmas trees. I was told that the rest of the family members did not love the angel with gold, snakelike tentacles coming from out of the angels back.  This year she does not grace the tree. What gives? I don't know but I know that the tree is casting an erie glow on my face. Can my eyes sink in anymore?? Thank you Donna for being such a good sport!

Another set of trees down. Only 15 more to go! So many trees. So little time.

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