Saturday, December 28, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Trees 3

As always the season flurries by. Only we don't have any snow. Rain. It washes by. Whatever.

#11: An Ornament Exachange Party

Our small group from church got together for dessert and an ornament exchange. A special perk -  Dressing in your pjs. My biggest regret? Not making all the ladies pose in front of the tree in their cute pajamas! What better way to bring people together than stealing each others ornaments? Enjoyed laughing with these special women...

Number 12: She Loved Paris

Next stop was at a Christmas party with our CBS (community Bible study) small group. Ms. Madalan, our leader and host, was absolutely precious. She invited my preschoolers and even had little gift bags for them. Her tree stood tall and proud in her homey sunroom so with opportunity looming, I pulled her aside for a quick picture. One of her favorite tree ornaments was a token to remember her trip to Paris, a city she fell in love with. Hearing the history of a family's treasured ornament is one of my favorite aspects of my silly tradition.

Tree 13: Dinner at Kurt's

Travel with me if you will to a family run German restaurant known as Kurt's to celebrate the graduation of my friend Joanna. Upon entry we were greeted by the wife of the owner and because of the forethought to have reservations made, we were immediately seated. Our lovely server was German as well so listening to her share the specials and answer our questions was entirely more fun because of her pleasing accent. We could have been dining in Germany. I did not take pictures of the delicious meals but I did snap some dessert shots. Go figure.

The Graduate with her Creme Brulee (I know - not German)
Lee Ann with her Apple-Something
Blueberry Cheesecake

Tree #14:  Piano Recitals

Back to church we go. Only this time it's to support Collin in his piano progress. He practiced a lot and it paid off. I'm very excited to have one of my boys choose music as one of their hobbies. Now I must admit that recitals can be painful to me.  My nerves! You would think that I was on the program, but I can't help feeling nervous for each child that walks up to the piano to play or plunk through their songs.

Tree #15: We Three Spies

This was just Collin's weekend I guess. He was one of many cast in our church's Christmas musical. All the kids did a fabulous job so I was proud and honored to photo bomb these two little actors. All the repetition of songs and rehearsed lines paid off!!

To be continued...



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