Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Trees: Week 1

It's silly, but does that really surprise you?

Three years ago this Christmas I found myself being swept to an in-home party for My Thirty-One. The hostess had a lovely home, but what I found to be so fascinating was her love for Christmas trees. There were at least 5 on the main floor! Feeling myself with this particular group, I asked for pictures by a few of these themed Christmas trees...the nautical tree, the wild safari tree, the blue tree in the master bedroom and of course the tree in the entryway!

As I climbed into the backseat of my ride, I told my traveling companions about my novel (HA) idea to obtain a tree pic for everyday til Christmas.  Thus began my journey to find Christmas trees. Friends responded in kind so it became a game of sorts. I would get pictures by trees in stores, coffee shops, Christmas parties and in the homes of family and friends.    Where would I end up next?

When 2012 rolled around I went for it again.  I simply begin at home and then see where the Christmas season takes me. Silly? I know. Just trying to savor a little bit of life here and there as it passes me by.

Christmas Tree #1 - There is No Place Like Home

They could hardly wait to begin and out of our four boys they worked the hardest and the longest.  Clinging desperately to this precious memory!

Tree #2: The Charlie Brown Tree

Collin displays dad's Charlie Brown ornament

Our older boys decorate a tree for their bedroom each year. It's the same tree that their dad used to decorate when he was a mere boy. Some of the ornaments are from his childhood and the others are made by them.  They love it, but only one of these precious boys would pose for mom's silly tree nonsense.

Tree #3: Bass Pro

Also in it's 3rd year of being a tradition...Heading out with friends to get pictures with Santa Claus.  This night was bittersweet as we had to say goodbye to one couple because they are moving away.

Bass Pro Santa is always a favorite. Even the older boys enjoy playing with all the toys they have set up.

Tree #4: Chic-fil-a

Jovonia plays along. I just love her smile!

Fine dining at it's the young ones anyway. I think it would be funny to nab some random employee for the picture, but I actually know this one.  And don't mind my not-so-fabulous hair. It's been continually raining here in Georgia.

Tree #5 - Bright White

Pretty sure this is an empty box..
This tree stands garishly proud in the children's meeting room at church.  Running through to grab one our boys, another good sport snapped this picture. :)

There you have it. The first five days of silliness. Who knows what's next? Rainy days makes this all the more challenging, but I'm not giving up yet!



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