Monday, December 30, 2013

Final Christmas Trees 2013

The Final 10 Trees.

Truly there is no real planning out where I get these tree pictures, save for the ones at home. The rest of them come as I go along with daily life and each year many of them change up. That's where the fun comes in.  If I'm dropping something off at a friend's house - tree pic! If we are meeting friends or family at a restaurant - tree pic! Running errands and I see a tree - PIC!

My "photographers" range in ALL ages and so does the picture quality. I use them regardless. :)

Tree #16: A Surprise for a Friend

Brandi, Sandi & I...trees and birthdays

December babies need a little extra love and this special gal's hubby came through by surprising her with friends waiting at Provinos for dinner.  How entertaining to see her face when she walked in and saw us. Her exact words, "I'm so embarrassed!". And while we were there...why not take advantage of the tree in the lobby? Why am I the only one wearing a surprised expression??

Tree #: 17 Afternoon Coffee

I went over to visit Ms. Carol to scope out her closed in porch since we are attempting something similar. This gracious host shared tips and coffee, while the boys ran around in her expanse of a backyard. Thank Carol for extending friendship to me and the little guys. Let's do this again!

Tree #18: Puppy Sitting

This cute little puppy was a Christmas present for one happy boy and this pretty lady was allowing "puppy" to stay at her home to keep it a surprise.  That's a good friend! My boys wanted some puppy time so I happily obliged.  He was so cute and I couldn't help but laugh when he nipped at little feet clamoring around him.  One day I may just cave and get our boys a puppy. Maybe.

Tree #19: New Friends

Pam - thanks for being silly with me! :)

How often to you find friends to be silly with? Walk Like an Egyptian has nothing to do with Christmas but that's what came to mind to do. Adding more fun to the friendship...she has four girls while I have four boys.  There are some age differences but they get along great, which means the adults get to visit more. Looking forward to more silly moments Pam!

Tree #20: Classroom Parties

My middle child has always seemed like our little one. Without my approval he is growing up - 10 in just a couple of weeks.  Glad to have opportunities to visit his class while he still wants mom around.

Tree #21: Christmas at Mom's

Kirsten (SIL), Me, Lauren (SIS) & MOM
Big Bro and I - Silliness is in our blood

Bubble Guppies Microphone...I can't help myself!
Hey Kid! Give me back that microphone!!!
We get as many of the siblings and their families up and hang out at Mom's for the day. (We missed you Paul, Jess and Kesler!!) After a hot meal, kids and adults alike clamor around the living room to exchange gifts.  Like most children, I saw Lyla's Bubble Guppies Microphone and wished I had gotten that. Ok, not really but it was fun to play with.

Tree #22: Where It All Began

This is that group of ladies that unknowingly started this silly tradition. The woman in white. Yeah, she looks michevious doesn't she? It was her home that was decked out with trees, so I thought I should get a picture with her and her friends, who happened to be getting together for their traditional Christmas dinner. I love that these women make it a point to stay in touch. As for the large Christmas ball I'm holding?  The ball and I had a moment...

"Ouuu. Look at this pretty Christmas ball. Let me just grab it...

Woops, woah, hold on there!!! Ball. Slipping. From. Hands...

I catch it. "Oh, my goodness. That was close, right?" Insert nervous chuckle.

In walks Christmas ball owner just as I have it secured in my hand. "Oh, you like that one? Isn't it pretty? I got that one a trip to Germany. I love that ball!"

Laughter erupts at my expense as I try and play it off like I didn't just about sending it crashing to the floor.  Phew! This is also why the woman above me is making a halo above my head. She said that an angel must be watching over me. I think it looks like I am an angel. Just saying.

Tree #23: To the Market

Heather and I with our fresh loaves of bread - worth it!

Who is crazy enough to try and shop the World Farmer's Market in Dekalb just a couple days before Christmas? We were. Only we didn't bring our children. That would have definitely bordered insanity. Thankful for friends who share in my love of whole foods and crazy adventures!

Drinking coffee and holding up traffic - I had too!!

Tree #24: Afternoon Espresso

Look how cute she is!!

So Joanna received an espresso machine for her graduation gift. I took that to mean a cup or two for me!! I may have suggested this idea. Either way, I accepted the invite for a tree pic and espresso one afternoon. The boys played with Lady Mary. I had coffee. We talked about house projects and maybe even touched on blogging.  Joanna is one of my biggest blog encouragers so I think I should suggest another invite, don't you?

Tree #25: Merry Christmas!!!!

These are the ones who would cooperate for the last pic. 

As always the Christmas season slipped out of my fingers no matter how tightly I clung to the moments.  They are memories now. Memories that I will hold close as my boys continue to grow taller before my eyes. As for the trees? Well, there were many homes that I have yet to visit. You know who you are (see you next year)!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to enjoy the New Year's celebration.




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