Sunday, December 1, 2013

They Invited Me Again?? A Quinceanera...

Another party with the wonderful Cuban family?? You would think that they would get tired of the strange girl that goes around snapping goofy pictures around their decor, would be banned. But thankfully, I have not. So I have a few pics to share with you.

This time it is a Quinceanera!! The young lady of the party is 15 and all are there to honor her next step towards womanhood.  The hall is fully decked out in an "Under the Sea" theme. Balloons are hung from the ceiling throughout the entire room. Each table's centerpiece has a live fish swimming in his temporary home. (Don't ask me what they did with them when the party was over. I'm sure that like in Finding Nemo they were placed in bags, equipped in water, and thrown over a pier somewhere to be permitted to embark on their next journey in life.) Um, our fish did pass on to the next life sometime during the party.

As I was saying, you could not miss the sea back drop at the front of the hall. It was lovely.

I might have eaten a few of the Swedish Fish - Granola Girl DOWN!!!

The honorable guest had not yet arrived, but some RUDE people, arrived just before the bday girl was to enter and were informed they needed to get in there before the lovely gabby could enter! Geez.  Ok. It was me (oh, and my mom!)

The music began. Bubbles filled the room and then the parents entered. Finally, the birthday girl, wearing her Cinderella dress came in and walked through a line up of gentleman who are special in her life such as, grandfathers, uncles, etc.  Each man gave her a rose. I must confess that my tears started the moment Gabby entered the room. I am such a sap!

Once to the front the traditional watlzes began.  An entertaining dance with her dad that must have required a good chunk of time to practice. A dance with her uncles, etc.  Her sister sang her a song, she shared a heart warming pre-recorded speech for her mom - MORE Tears! Goodness! It was very sweet.

Then it was picture time. Every guest had the opportunity to get their photo taken with tonight's princess.  By the time, it was my turn her cheeks were trembling and she had the "not another one" look on her face.  I just laughed as mom and I posed beside her. I'm not leaving without a picture of that lovely dress, which was soon exchanged for another later!

Her fabulous parents - how sweet!!

Not her Dad. Sorry Patrick. I only had one with this guy...
(Guille, my BIL)
Being serenaded...who doesn't love that???

My Mom and I with Gabby and her frozen smile - haha
I made my sister join me in the silly poses...

Love sparkly earrings...sadly I have lost one of these!!

And there you have it. A slide show. Food. Dancing. And Candy.  A wonderful time. Proud parents, a beautiful, young lady. A lovely evening.

Bye my dear blogging friends. You make this so fun!!



  1. Nicely done Chrissy! This brought tears to my eyes once again... :) It was a very special night and I'm honored to have been able to join in the celebration.

    1. Thank you. :) It wouldn't have been the same without you there!

  2. Awh.. you're awesome Chrissy. And you're ALWAYS invited even when you're not :) .. lol. But i agree... It was such a SWEET NIGHT..magical

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I always feel apart of the fam...I just don't think I could handle anymore of those speeches. lol. I. Will. Cry.


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