Friday, December 27, 2013

Backyard Messes & Gifts from "Santa"

That would be rain...

Doesn't look like I will be entertaining in my backyard for quite some time.  Do allow me to be Captain Obvious and state that my backyard looks like a construction site.  My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to start a building project in the second week of December. Seemed like a fab idea at the time, but we didn't factor in the equation of rain plus bobcat equals mud pit.  Before we could begin we had remove an oak tree. The roots were growing into our plumbing for our master bath and it was just too close to the house. Even still I was sad to see this grand oak tree go. Did I comprehend the amount of limbs and branches that would be strewn about our yard once the mighty oak had fallen? Not sure that I did.  Firewood anyone??? Glen is actually excited about all that firewood. "It's going to keep us warm through the Georgia winters for years!!" More on our backyard mess later...

Mess, mess, mess - and this is just a portion of limbs and branches!!
OK, let's just ignore the mess in the background and talk about Christmas Lists. Do you make one for yourself or do you feel presumptuous if you hand someone a long list of Christmas wishes? Do you feel those close to you should know you well enough to be able to choose the perfect gift for you? Or, are you the type that doesn't really know what you want? Is Your "love language" gifts and therefore giving and receiving them make you feel over the moon? Does your mind go blank when someone asks you what you want for Christmas? I fall under the latter few questions so allow me to share some of my silliness (aka, not important in the grand scheme of things).

This year when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I complied with a list. Seriously. Down to the color of accessories I was hoping for.  I don't believe that long lists mean that you are expecting to obtain each item, but rather providing variety for close ones to choose from.  It does not remove the element of surprise for me because I don't know which item I will get, if any. 

My sister figured that out years ago. We use to tease her about her long lists, but each Christmas I would see her open her cool gifts that ranged from the type of hair clips she needed, her favorite shampoo, cologne, style of earrings, etc. While I was grateful for the items I received, I couldn't help but feel she was on to something.  

Now I take her idea and start a list early in the year of items that I like, need or want. When Christmas rolls around I'm ready.  This list only goes to a few people who know me well and appreciate the "help". No need to worry about whether or not they think I'm being presumptuous (I don't publish it on FB or anything!).  And my list does not mean that I don't appreciate items not on the list. I love surprises! My mom surprised me with a Superman sweatshirt I had fun wearing. Definitely not on the list.  

I know a few great shoppers. My MIL gives the best kitchen tools and gadgets or clothing items for my SIL and I, and then grabs neat gifts for the guys as well. While she has asked for a list, most times she just wings it and gets the most creative and useful items.  Though I try pick up on her skills (and a few others I have seen in action), my indecision gets the best of me so I enjoy shopping for gifts more with a good idea of what that person wants. 

This Christmas an undeserving girl received quite a few items from her list. As fun as it is to receive I must keep all things in perspective!! I cannot put away my gifts without thinking of those whose list would consist of food and clean water or to be able to hold lost loved ones once more. Fashion tights or jewelry would not be on the radar.  That makes me feel ashamed. I pray I take this thought and not just remember, but give of my time, resources and prayers.  My greatest gifts are Jesus, life and each day I have with loved ones.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and get ready to enjoy a Happy New Year!


Outfit Breakdown:

Jacket: Banana Republic (gift)
Scarf: Wal-Mart (gift)
Red Bangles: Charming Charlie (gift)
Dress: Old Navy (hanging in closet for years now)
Boots: Wet Seal (last year)

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