Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Big Can You Go?

Soft Flannel, Trendy Plaid

This weeks' comfort look features glamorous (yeah right) soft flannel that clings to no body part with a touch of mix-matched silliness to keep the fun in an otherwise typical day.

For now, it's a no jacket or heavy sweater kind of day. Poor Georgia doesn't know what she wants weather wise. Should I rain, should the sun shine? Should I be cold or should I feel like spring? We have gone from freezing to warm in 0 to 60, but the forecast for Wednesday is snow. I think I will hang around in this and feel all cozy. If it gets cold I'll add a jacket.  Rains again, I'll grab an umbrella.  Going with the flow...

Oversized and oh, so comfortable!

They came like this!

The mis-matched socks came in a pack of three, which may drive some personalities to insanity. However, I decided to go all out by pairing them with plaid. Why not?

Either way, I say let's ride the oversized trend train of snuggly bliss. Would I leave the premisses like this? Oh yes. Wore this to choir practice and to run errands.  And as far as Georgia and her indecision? We relate quite well.

So I guess my question is...How big can you go with this oversized trend?

Outfit Breakdown:

Plaid Flannel:  GoodWill
Mis-match socks: Last Christmas
Boots: Well-worn Target hand-me-downs
Bracelet: Target Clearance

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