Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Marionette Dolls & A GoodWill Comparison

Do you ever walk out the door and feel like you unknowingly dressed yourself up as some character or thing? Maybe I'm weird, but this happens to me every once in awhile.  The pointy-toed boots and pleated skirt in this ensemble reminded me of a marionette doll. What do you think?

The Marionette Doll

Thinking about making something fancy for this.
Just grab my strings and pull. Hmmmmm... I really feel this way some days. Hubby gives a gentle pull and I go running in that direction. The boys tug aggressively with demands and I jerkingly try to attend them all. (I say aggressively because not even the bathroom is safe to hide in.) Small tugs by family, friends, work, etc. By the end of the day I feel a little sore, physically and emotionally.

Some days I just have to cut the strings. Go off on my own. Rest. Otherwise I become this doll that bites - "Chrissy Bites A-lot". And who wants that doll?? So, I'm working on short reprieves here and there - reading, an errand by myself and my latest and greatest to me...enlisting them in clean up!  New rule: Before you even ask to play with your ________ (for my boys it's an electronic device), you must finish all that is on your list.  When I remember to enforce this rule, there is less arguing and hassling. And less pulling on my strings!! :) Of course I must add that attending to my family is a blessing, honor and a joy, but there are days.

Now let's get to this outfit that I had fun wearing this past weekend...

Jacket is Back

Cable Pullover Sweater

Old Pleated GAP Skirt

And That GoodWill Find

Yes, the jacket is back out, but this post is all about the ankle boots I found at GoodWill and how they compare with what's trending right now.


Jimmy Choo's, Michael Kors and NineWest
Ranging from $56 to over $1,000

That's close enough for me!! How do you break away figuratively or literally speaking from those that may pull strings from time to time?


P.S. I am adding a couple links for the boots above in case you want to check it out and "window" shop. (NineWest is having an extra 20% off sale right now.)

P.S.S. Our small addition is slowly coming along, as you can see. :)

Quick Outfit Breakdown:
Leather Jacket: Surprise Gift
Cable Sweater: Hand-Me-Down
Layering Long Tank: Chicos (gift)
Pleated Skirt : GAP (old)
Shoes: Nordstrom (GoodWill) $7.00

Total Spent on this outfit...$7.00

Ninewest Booties
Those fancy Booties



  1. First of all, that is so awesome that you found those booties at Goodwill! I am pretty sure I have never found anything that awesome :(

    Also, I love your comparison to a marionette doll. You definitely don't look like one, but I totally get the feeling of being pulled in lots of directions. "Me time" really is so important!

    1. lol! Thanks Ashley. Our GoodWill is usually pretty picked over and I'm terrible at second guessing myself so I almost left these booties on the shelf. Glad I didn't, even if one person said they look like witch shoes - haha. Always nice chatting. ;)


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