Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Boy Loves...

...his green jeans!**

Most of the time I don't get too involved with what the boys are wearing. Two of them like to live in superhero shirts and warm-up pants (shorts if I'd let them). The oldest likes Under Armor sweatshirts and shorts no matter the time of year. But then there is my middle child. He will come out of his room before school sporting some interesting styles. There has been many a morning we shuffle down the hall in pursuit of articles that, well, go together.

When he was cast in a Christmas musical, the director wanted colored jeans for 3 of the members and he ended up with the color green. I wondered how these would go over, but there was no need for concern. "Can I wear my green jeans?" became the question of the day.

So here is my little man in his green jean outfit...

**At least 2 grown men have instructed him to give his momma back her jeans. Hasn't deterred him in the least.

So how do you get your young men to sport a little style???

Outfit Breakdown:

Zip up Hoodie: GAP
Green Jeans: Old Navy
Vans: Journey for Kidz

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