Monday, February 24, 2014

Flats to Heels: Boyfriend Jeans

Hello! I'm happy to tell you we have given our purposeless, misunderstood cement pad in the backyard a temporary task: the home to former glorious oak tree.  And what about that poor fence you may ask? Well, as my wise neighbor says in the midst of laughter that finds merriment in all things due a long and seasoned life here on earth, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

And so I am reminded that for most, life has to be lived one moment and one project at a time. Plans are underway to share pictures of the entire "landscape" so all may see what is in store for the Rowdens this spring and of course add to my online journal.

Now onto today's outfit post, though I fear I have erred in giving the ensembles justice in these pictures. Without further ado, 

From flats... heels

Either outfit works for a casual day or a casual evening out, depending on what suits you or what you are more comfortable in. I wore the flats most of the day, thinking they would be better on my feet and legs. Wrong. The lack of support caused tired limbs and one achy knee.  Maybe an insert would help? Maybe I'm just getting old.

The boyfriend jeans were a Christmas gift from my MIL that we found at GAP during my last visit to Illinois. Though intended to by roomy in the legs, hip and seat, beware of going too big in the waist as I have learned.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing. Your comments are welcomed and bring smiles to my day. So tell me, which outfit suits you? Do you gravitate towards flats or a little extra height?

Quick Note: There is no denying, especially with skinny jeans for me and my body shape that heeled shoes are more slimming. They do their job to elongate the legs!

Outfit Breakdown:

Blazer: Talbots (OLD)
Shirt: Chicos (Hand Me Down)
Scarf: Gift
Boyfriend Jeans: GAP
Flats: Tj Maxx (Chinese Laundry)

Ankle Boots: Nordstrom (Goodwill)
Black Purse: (TH - OLD)


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