Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flats to Heels: Converse and Roomy Shirts

So this is my last of 3 posts titled "Flats to Heels". (You can check out the other two by clicking here and here.) Today we feature converse sneakers and roomy shirts.

Anyway, I wore this ensemble to a baby shower where I conversed, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches and dip selections, as you can see here in this photo with the lovely mom-to-be and friends...

Hey wait! Looks like I'm sporting a baby bump as well, doesn't it?? Ah, the danger with roomy shirts or too many delectable party appetizers. :) My friend to the left of Ms. Tiffany is actually expecting as well, but I could see how people might get that confused. Ah well, I'm just having a little fun here poking at myself.

Random insert: The party favors were your choice of a pink or fuchsia bottle of nail polish. Aren't baby showers for girls fun?

The Flats...

Well, I decided to wear the outfit again and this time I traded the scarf for a pink bracelet and zipped up the leather jacket.  I also rolled up the pant legs, which in my opinion, is more flattering to the overall look.

Here is a quick sideview...

Not much furniture in the new room yet...

Now for the heels...

Great pose, right? My "Faux Sophistication"
Again, with a few accessory changes a different look, stride and feel is achieved.   Which one is more you?

Outfit Breakdown:

Jacket: Christmas Gift (MK)
Shirt: Recent Hand-me-down (don't know where she hails)
Pants: LOFT (gift card)
Pink Bracelet: Target clearance (summer 2013)
Converse: Old but purchased at Nordstrom Rack

Black Pumps: Famous Footwear (OLD)
Clutch: Aveda Rewards (OLD)
Bangle Bracelet: Claire's for $1 (OLD)

Money spent on clothes for 2014 is still $7.00 (for those ankle boots at GoodWill). Our small home addition is eating the profits! Ha!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

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