Monday, March 3, 2014

February Recap

I have no idea where February has gone. With her came a few snow storms, several sleepless nights, taking a few risks (more on that later) and the completion of what was for us a major home project. Needless to say, although the shortest calendar month February may have been the fullest for the Rowdens in 2014. I know. Too soon to be speculating like that.

No money was spent on clothing this month or January for that matter. It feels as if we spent my lifetime clothing budget on the small addition to our home!  However, I was given 4 castoff shirts and a pair of capris, giving me a spark of clothing hope!  And somehow in the midst of the craziness, I managed to squeeze out some blog posts. Here is my February recap...

Superman Meets Dress

Long Sweaters and My Little Sweetheart

More Snow & A Walk on the Wild Side

And Yet More Snow With Bright, Playful Colors

It's a Dress, But Today It's a Shirt

Just Hanging Out: Grey on Grey

And finally...Some of my favorites for February.

The Flats to Heels Series

I hope February was a good month for you, my reader friends. Looking forward to whatever the future may hold for March - I can tell ya, weather permitting, it will be a ton of yard work for us! Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment. You are what makes this blogging venture so fun!

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