Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Last Cold Weather Outfit?

I've experienced many spring seasons in Georgia and I know this won't be my last outfit of the winter season, but just the same I remain hopeful. Thus I pulled out my spring/summer shoes out of storage and tossed these boots in.  Speaking of the boots, they were a clearance find at Altar'd State last month. For $12 I decided to give them a chance, but I must admit I'm on the fence as to whether or not I like them.  When I see them in pictures I think they look too big for me. What do you think?

One other tidbit for today is with this necklace by Premiere. It's actually adjustable, giving you more wear options! Here it is full length ...

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The Look:
Army Jacket: Banana Republic
Camo Sweatshirt: The GAP
Skinnies: WHBM
Necklace: Rockport by Premiere
Boots: Altar'd State
Purse: Coach (hand-me-down)

Ok. Let's see how long the spring weather holds up in Georgia. Have a fabulous day. :)



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