Monday, June 6, 2016

White Pants & Vanilla Ice Cream

White pants. Do you love them?

I think white pants in the world of clothing, is like vanilla in the world of ice cream. You can add any topping of your liking and you're golden. A casual tee or dressy shirt, in any color, looks fabulous with white pants and your cherry on top are those coordinating accessories.  Not even your favorite pair of jeans can compete with that kind of versatility. I've had to swap out tops because there wasn't enough contrast with the denim wash.

Now I know white gets a bad rap due to its' dirt attraction and unforgiving nature when it comes to bumps, ripples and bulges.  I have four boys that leave me barbecue, ketchup and dirt traps throughout the home. I'm almost certain it's intentional. Little mine traps await for me to plop down my unsuspecting behind. Or hidden bits of who knows what, clinging to their palms when they reach for me. Well, there are stain fighters (Tide stick) for on the go and bleach at home to combat the dirt.  And pesky bumps, ripples or bulges? We can fight that with the right fit and style of top.

It's summer time, so let's wear white pants, shorts or skirts and eat our ice cream too!


P.S. I'm linking up with Elegantly Fashionable today.

Outfit Breakdown:
Pocket Tee: Gap
Pants: LOFT clearance sale
Scarf: LOFT clearance
Shoes: Sam Edelman, Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet Stack: World Market, Premier Designs, LOFT
Necklaces: Heaven & Keep It Personal by Premier



  1. Love it girl!!! You always inspire me to improve!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I agree about white pants. And I have been trying to wear mine more with my two little dirt merchants. But, you're right, I have a washing machine. And I love the analogy! You can top them with anything!


    1. Haha! Shelbee, your remark about the dirt merchants made me laugh out loud. Thank you for commenting and brightening my evening!


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