Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fringe Top & My Love Language

Million dollar smile right there folks. The last of my four boys returned to school and I need to get back into a routine of sorts, but I'm not there yet. Today's my birthday and I'd like to pause time for a moment to enjoy it; soak in my surroundings, think about where I am now and where I've come from.  I want to savor morsels of gratitude...thankfulness. Gratitude for God's blessings in family, friends, health, and a roof over our heads.

You can blame my feely intro on the thoughtful, surprise gifts I received from a few friends; as gifts are one of my love languages. It's true, they fill me up. But why this language? Out of the 5 love languages (derived from Gary Chapman's the Five Love Languages) which are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, touch and gifts, I'm wired to feel appreciated by tokens of love wrapped up, bagged up or sitting in plain sight cutesy things, chocolates and the list goes on.  Who doesn't feel like a goober saying, "I feel loved when you give me stuff"? And to make things worse, I'm not the greatest gift giver because I over think the gift. I sweat, shift weight from one foot to the other and my brain fogs over as I deliberate over what item will make the receiver happy. Often times I'll walk out of the store empty-handed, bringing me down to the wire on gift selection. One of my friends buys gifts way ahead time, as she finds deals and items that remind her of a certain person. This is my answer!

In the meantime, allow me to bring your attention back to this top - the culprit that started this whole tangent.

Striped, Fringe Top

And not only was I given a shirt, but I was introduced to a new store, called Marisa Jill's Boutique. I know. Some of the locals are saying, "you haven't been to Marisa Jill's"? Nope. Never even heard of it. However, I'm deprived no more and shall share my findings in posts to come. :)

So, what's your love language? And any other lover of gifts struggle with feeling silly or materialistic?

Finally I close with a closer look at a pair of my favorite earrings...

Sea Spray earrings and Keep It Personal by Premier Designs
Outfit Breakdown:
Jeans: WHBM (Old)
Shoes: Target
Purse: Clarks
Earrings, Bracelets & Necklace by Premier Designs (I do individual orders!)


  1. Happy birthday!!!!!! I love the top!

  2. Love the top and cute jewelry. 😉 Again, Happy Birthday! May you get all the hugs and kisses from your family.

  3. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to go to Moes coffee house! Love the top.

  4. Well, one of my love languages is definitely gifts and I too feel like I should never be wanting "stuff" but deep down I feel so loved when someone goes to the trouble to give me a gift! It means the world! You are not alone, my friend! Cute top, and love the earrings! And you are entitled to milk this day for all it's worth! HB!

    1. Kim, I'm thankful for your kindred, beautiful spirit. :) Love you!

  5. Aww, look at this gorgeous Birthday gal rocking the fringe!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...may it be all you've dreamed of and sure look're 29, right? ;-)

    1. Thank you Andrea! Yes, 29 with a decade added on, but no one has to know, right? ;)


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