Monday, September 5, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Additions

In a new realm of the uttermost parts of the universe, I've managed to organize an area in life. My closet. Don't judge, one must start someone. Exaggeration aside, this is the first area that I've had fun organizing and in the next couple of posts I'm going to talk about the ways that I've set to accomplish that. 

It started with a few reads on the "Parisian way" of styling, along with all the capsule wardrobe posts. The idea of drastically reducing what's in the closet appealed to me, especially considering the size of our home. 

I went through my closet several times last year to get rid of anything that I didn't love, items that fit wrong and near duplicates.  This made recognizing what I actually needed or wanted a lot easier. Then I set about making a list of those items. 

Next up was to stick with the list and smart shop. The list is fairly specific. For example, what shade of denim or what color shoes, etc.  

Along the way, I also acquired a few surprises from family and friends! And I can feel fall on the way!! Time to put all these goodies to use. I'll start by sharing them virtually with you. ;)

My list for fall:
  • Green Jeans
  • Ankle boots, beige or cognac
  • Utility Vest, army green 
  • BackPack Purse, black or brown
Little Surprises:
  • Bootcut jeans from my MIL
  • Cute tops for my birthday from friends and family

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Maroon Top:  Altar'd State This top is so soft! (Exact with other color options)
Striped Fringe Top: Marisa Jill's Boutique
Good Days Top: Gift
Gray Tee: Marisa Jill's

*Maroon is one of the trending colors for fall and all four of these tops will be great for layering.*

Gift Certificate used at LuLaRoe by Megan Cook!
This cute "Randy" tee was a great use of a gift card I had burning a hole in my pocket. You can check out Megan's page for more. :)

Green Jeans: Marisa Jill's
Bootcut Jeans: Altar'd State (Exact Pair)
Stone Ankle Boots: Clark's (Exact Pair)
Cognac Ankle Boots: Marisa Jill's

I've already styled the comfy, ripped up green jeans twice (one outfit is featured in the previous post). As for the ankle boots, the clarks are wonderfully comfortable. However, the pair on the right are not near as comfy and live up to the "get what you pay for" motto.  Anyways, I went to take back the shoes at the boutique and they don't accept returns on shoes (clearly stated on receipt - I missed that). Though they kindly allowed me an exchange, I still struck out on cute and comfortable. This is why I have two pairs of new ankle boots. Lesson learned. Don't rush the try on process!

Kimono: Gift
Leather Backpack Purse: Clarks Clearance find for $39.00
Sweatshirt: Costco, My sister added the screening

And finally, the fringe vest, which is going to be my stand-in for the utility vest. It's different looking, but I say stand in because it won't work in the summer whereas a utility vest would. We shall see.

Also found at Marisa Jill's (My mother in law!)

This is the first year that I was intentional about what I purchased for my closet. I must admit I like this change. Even when you are looking for specifics, you can watch out for great sales in order to gain the wonderful satisfaction one acquires when saving money and truly loving what you buy. Bonus??!! I only purchased about 5 of the above items with a combination of birthday money and budget money.  What a sweet blessing. I think I'll finally purchase a pair of "grown up" sunglasses; something protective and stylish.

So, what's on your fashion list? I'm serious. I honestly want to know. Comments make my day! ;)

(Also, if you love the items from Marisa Jill's you can check them out on Facebook. They also have a website. )




  1. SHOES! I must update my shoe wardrobe!

    1. Oh fun! Ok, so go through and see what colors and styles you need first. :)

  2. I love your goodies and how you've tackled your closet..... Thinking its time you threw some fashion sense toward your Momma and helped her clean out her closet too!! 😜😜😉😉

  3. My fall wish list includes ankle boots, a new purse, a cozy hoodie, and some cute casual tops that I can wear around the house or on errands. Oh, and a new pair of Toms! I had to throw mine away at the end of last season. I wore them out!

    P.S. I love the Randy top you picked out. Too cute!

    1. Those items are in abundance around these here parts. ;) I found a pair of Tom's at clothe's mentor for $15.00 - hardly worn, if at all. I've also seen them at Nordstrom Rack for less. ;)

  4. You have such cute taste pretty lady!!! I may have indulged in too many booties this season, went a lil nuts but I know I'll wear them all for years to come! The graphic tee is darling and of course I adore those olive jeans, adore it all!!!

    1. Andrea, there you go with all those kind and uplifting words. :) Every blogger's dream. I would like to add a comfortable black pair of booties, but I'll have to wait! As always, thank you for commenting!

  5. Great pieces for Fall! I love the kimono and fringe vest. I am trying to become more purposeful with my shopping as well. I am really wanting a pair of velvet booties in a brilliant jewel tone, a gorgeous skirt extender or two, and a black duster length vest!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week. Have a fantastic day!


    1. Ok. Those items sound fabulous! I could see you rocking some purple velvet booties and a black duster vest! Thank you for hosting. :)


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