Friday, March 23, 2018

ICYMI: Frilly Florals & Scrumptious Sweets

Hello! Just bringing you a little frilly, floral and sweet for added spring inspiration. Afterall, the first day of spring was this week so we shall feature spring vibes in spite of the chill lingering in the air.  The boys and I have taken our adventures in stride, whether we are hanging at home or trying out a new type of PE for homeschool, we are keeping it simple yet fun. Then of course there is the other day to day life...teens, birthdays with friends and one of my favorites - house warming parties!! Come join me my lovelies...

This outfit gives me all the feminine vibes with a touch of boho flare. I know. So much boho! You may recognize this top from a previous post. I can't help but style it again... I love the rich colors, comfortable fit and the floral print. It is one of my first Piphany finds from my sweet friend and fellow fashionista, Shannon. Check out more fabulous options HERE.

The pants are a few years old from the LOFT and the vest was a hand-me-down. Why don't I ever pick these great accessories on my own?! Hey, I'm not complaining though...share away my dear friends!

The jewelry is from will a awhile before I run out of uses with this gorgeous jewelry and since they have a guarantee...well, that just means a longer life no matter what. Feel free to browse their latest designs HERE

Chocoholic Cupcake 

I wore this outfit to a friend's big 40!! Isn't she adorable?? She is an energizer bunny for sure...wife and mom of two. She's been a high school teacher in a local public school, an online teacher and now she coordinates all kinds of school stuff. I know, I should ask more details.

Floral and Lace for a Housewarming

I wanted to wear my classic boot cut jeans from Altar'd State. (Find the exact pair HERE!) From there I grabbed my pink lace and floral top, my shooties from WHBM and this gorgeous lace scarf, gifted to me by a friend a few years ago.

This outfit and a Creme de Menthe cupcake, as well as a Bananas Foster went to a Housewarming at the most charming home.

My friend and her hubby had a lot of changes to make in this home when they first purchased it. I think it's safe to say that my sweet friend was pleasantly surprised by her hubbies vision and go get after it mentality. They knocked down walls, re-did floors and of course painted. Sadly, I lack photos to share with you...too much visiting and too little picture taking going on that day. ;) (But for real, sometimes I need to put down my phone!!)

Flat Lays for Rainy Days

Once again my latest booties and floral, boho top makes an appearance. After a mourning out, the rain sends me back home and into my cozy joggers so my only picture is this flat lay. How do you like that for dedication? 

Chocolate Temptation

Chocolate Temptation was delivered to a sweet friend, recovering from surgery. She has 3 littles at home with her, so I can imagine taking it easy is a tall order!

Visting a Yoga/Pilates/Barre Studio

I finally made it out to my first real Yoga/Pilates/Barre studio, and by real I mean they specialize in it. I've tried Pilates fusion at my local Gold's gym but wanted the full experience. However,  the closest studios are 45 minutes to an hour from me. That is, until now. They seem to be popping up everywhere.

This was a beautiful studio that I plan to make another visit to soon...I still need to give Pilates and Barre a try!

Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcake

I dropped into Splat with no agenda...would I give my cupcake away or just eat it?

There was someone in front of me...someone who obviously frequented the shop. She knew too much. And like many patrons to Splat, she was conflicted in her cupcake decision. I saw a little bit of myself in her...

"I really want some chocolate, but you're featuring one of my favorites - Strawberry Daiquiri. Oh man. Which one do I want??"

She was adorable. From her outfit I knew she was one of the many stylists that worked at the salon in the shopping center. 

"Chocolate or Strawberry Daiquiri? Chocolate or Strawberry Daiquiri??"

An idea began to form. I didn't have anywhere specific I was going with this cupcake. Why not give my free cupcake to this cutie??

And so I did. She protested at first but when I explained that I get one every day and that she could half the cupcakes and share with another stylist she relented. I might have been pushing it just a bit when I asked for a picture but I'm so glad I did. It's not often I get one of the owners in pictures...

That's all for today my friends and thank you for reading! You are the true adventure to my blogging!! Love hearing your comments...from encouragement to constructive criticism! Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Oh, aren't you just the sweetest, giving that cupcake to that sweet lady! Random acts of kindness like that have such a ripple effect. I'll bet you inpsire a bunch of us today to do the same - extend a kindness.
    You are the boho babe Chrissy! That style just suits you like no one else I know. I am in love with that pretty vest, such an awesome hand me down. I'll bet the original owner is so happy she gave it to someone who wears it so well!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Kellyann. I can be sweet but I think I have more sour moments than sweet! lol. Thank you for being such a kind, encouraging blogger friends. I look forward to see what insight Kellyann is going to have into each post. You're just fabulous!!

  2. You were made to do the Boho look!
    I would love to do a REAL yoga/barre class in a studio. Feel the energy of the place.
    How fun you got a pic of that lady. haha. So many times I want to do that "I'm a blogger - I need your pic" ;) haha

    1. Thank you Rebecca Jo! Truly it's a pleasure to be getting to know through this blog world. And let's do it...I'm a blogger I need your pic...I'm getting more bold about asking. She did NOT want to be on IG stories but she said a pic was good. Lol. At least I'm trying to respect the privacy. :) Have a great day!

  3. You're so scrumptious in those florals, I could eat you up, lo. That sounds weird, ha, well, you just look so darn CUTE!! I am getting a 21 day Yoga DVD set, I think, we don't have any good studios round here, come up here and open one and lead me in all things Yoga and Barre and we'll spread cupcake cheer here, k!!! Send me your dates from email this week, narrowing it down girl!! :-) Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. You make me laugh! I get it and I get you. I can't wait to hear how you like the Yoga DVD set....and yes to opening a Studio...maybe a studio that has "healthy cupcakes" for all patrons?? My year is coming up soon with the cupcakes but I have a feeling the adventure will not be over yet. :) Much love! And yay for dates!

  4. I am LOVING the blush pink and cupcakes in this post. You pull off the slight bohemian romantic look so well!!! Yoga is my jam yay for getting to experience a center specializing in it - it's life changing in some ways! (If you're a weirdo like me!) I wish you a happy weekend.

    1. Thank you! :) I love to meet new ladies through the blog world. I will most definitely hop over to your blog and say hello to you. Thank you again for visiting and for your kind words. :)

  5. I loved reading your story today Chrissy!! You have a heart of gold, and it shows in everything you do!!

    1. Awww, thanks Jodie. That is so kind of you to say. Truly, I'm just giving away cupcakes that I get for free. lol. I love to share my adventures on the blog though...just a little light hearted fun, in what could be heavy and burdened days for any of us!

  6. Sharing cupcakes...Chrissy, you are truly angelic!
    And you are one busy angel! Kids will to that to you, won't they?! You gotta love it!
    I have to say I'm really Lovin' this romantic boho look you've had going lately! It really really suits you! Its got that little bit of edge, little bit of sweet. And the pinks and burgundy's look just fabulous with your skin tone!��

  7. That vest is gorgeous! I love the lace and floral and just how girly it is together! And I love your cupcake a day. This strawberry looks amazing!


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