Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pin Striped Oxford, Styled 2 Ways

Something doesn't belong in this picture...

...or this picture. Can you find what doesn't belong?

I'm just kidding! Both the cupcake and the child belong!

Oddly enough cupcakes and my two youngest have shaped the direction of my blog time and time again. Oh the irony! Me a healthy food loving, kombucha drinking granola girl who loves time to herself, now blogs about adventures in cupcakes and takes her homeschooling boys along with her! That's irony.  But what beautiful, enriched irony it is.

Now let's talk about this outfit with the collar shirt that was picked out to me by a Fashom stylist. This top is such a fun twist on chambray. Though difficult to see in these pics (I need to have a chat with my photographers! wink!), it is a pin stripe design with bows on the cuffs! The cut is also unique that it gathers in the front but hangs low in the back, which is another reason why I love it.

Have you tried Fashom? Fashom found me on IG and I began following them. Not long after I entered a drawing for an extra 50% a shipment off my first shipment and as you can guess, I won! You know I was going to give them a try now!

I downloaded the app to my phone, filled out my profile and selected a stylist to choose a few outfits. A few days later, I checked back to find 3 outfits from shoes to accessories all ready to go. Being that it was my first go round, I decided to go with 5 items (the minimum). However, looking back I wish I had gone with all three outfits so that I could show them here. And 50% off - duh!

Oh well, I'm learning as I go. Three of the five items didn't work due to fit, but I loved the 2 shirts I kept. Stay tuned for the next shirt, as well as any extra thoughts I have on Fashom.

Have you used Fashom before? I'd love to hear about your experience.

Outfit Breakdown
Top: Fashom
Jeans: Marisa Jill's Boutique
Shoes: TOMS (Clothes Mentor Find)
Bracelet: Premier Earth Angel
Clutch: Altar'd State Clearance

Style 2

I picked up these blush colored pants at Costco last week for $15 (they are on sale for most of this month)! I've purchased sweatshirts and socks from Costco before but this is my first "fashion" piece. I've already styled them 3 times, with the other 2 outfits just waiting to be posted! They are super comfortable, however I may be in between their sizes. I sized up to the 6, but it grows with me throughout the day and becomes slightly more baggy than I like. Most likely the 4 will be too tight but I'm going to pick one up in the blue color just to see!

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Fashom
Pants: Costco 
Shoes: OLD
Purse: GAP Clearance
Bracelet: Earth Angel
Necklace: Blush
Pearl Earrings: Premier Button Up
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Well my friends, I must sign off. I'm still working out at Fit Body Boot Camp, experimenting with the different times to see what works best with my schedule. This is my third week with a consistent 5 days a week routine going on. Phew! I'll keep you posted with any results I see from this little mini-adventure!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from YOU! Have you tried Fashom? What do you think of these outfits? Do the pink pants look too big on me? And finally, do you have a fitness routine right now? So many questions...;)




  1. Never heard of Fashom till now, but how cool that they found you! I love that top. I have a similar one - at least the cut - and I really like the way it fits. I cannot get over the pink Costco pants! What a deal!!!
    Yes, I work out M-F at the gym early in the morning. I do HIIT workouts and love them! You are just beautiful my friend, do the pink pants get baggy during the day? If so then heck yes get smaller ones sister!

    1. Thank you Kellyann. I want to say that lighting covers a multitude of issues! And Look at you Kellyann working out 5 days a week! Though I'm not surprised that you work out at the gym. You look fabulous. And you are so right - the pants are too big. I went back and picked up a blue pair in a smaller size and they fit so much better. Passing the pink ones along, though I love them! Might have to grab another. ;)

  2. I just LOVE those peep toed leopard flats, SO cute. I love both of these looks, I'm not sure which one is my favorite, they would both def. work for different things! I love how distressed/holy your denim is in the first outfit.


    1. Thank you Carrie. My MIL gave them to me. She has great taste...I continually learn from her. And I love how we can take one shirt and give it a completely different vibe by a few change ups! Fashion can be so addicting!! I hope you have a great weekend Carrie!

  3. I haven't tried them before. It sounds like a great option and I do love your striped top! It's a classic!

    1. I'm keeping my ears open with the company, as it's hard to find reviews on them etc. I'll be sure to keep you posted! :)

  4. I do think that irony keeps us laughing and realizing that we aren't in control, right?
    And what a fabulous top---it'll be your go to for years to come, I bet!!!

    1. Ahhh, that's a great way to look at it Jodie! :) Thank you for seeing your fun smiling pic!

  5. Oh those blush pants look fantastic! I like the shoes too, I like everything with a leopard print! Lol. Are there healthy cupcakes too?

    1. Thank you Nancy! And I have observed your fun, leopard print loving style! The beauty of linking of with you. ;) And I don't know about healthy cupcakes. lol

  6. I haven't heard of Fashom before and will need to check them out. The blush pants look great on you and those leopard shoes are a nice color contrast to the lighter wash of your shirt and lighter color pants. My son likes to photo bomb me too but I don't mind, it creates for fun memories!

    Maureen |

    1. I agree. Those are the best memories. I'm thankful that I can involve the boys with the blog life and adventures and glad that there are other bloggers who get it! ;) Thank you again for stopping by. I just love it!!

  7. I never heard of Fashom! Interesting. So basically a Stitch Fix type of situation. The shirt is adorable. I like the pleats in front. They give it a really unique look. It really suits you, and I like them with the blush jeans a lot. I didn't think they looked too big, just like a looser cut than you usually wear - say maybe a straight leg versus a skinny leg. But, still great!

    1. Well, you are right usual. Wink! The pants are baggier than I'm used to so i passed them onto a neighbor and am considering going to get the smaller size while they are still $15! And yes, Fashom is basically a Stitch Fix situation...I'm still "trying" them out before I give rave reviews. So far like their stuff...Hope you're having a great week!

  8. I just love your jeans design. Classy style. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.


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