Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer With Saranghae: My Journey Through Seasons

Summer is an anticipated season around my home. My boys begin talking about the end of school and swimming, in March! I begin thinking about how I'm going to keep them occupied with not only fun, but something productive as well. I also think about changing out clothes, bathing suit preparations, beach time and what books I'll be reading. What I don't think about is skincare. Other than applying sunscreen, summer tends to be the season when my skincare regimen takes a backseat.

Then I began reading about how going from the sauna-like Georgia outdoors to the blasting central air in most homes and stores can wear on the complexion and thereby negate some of the results I've achieved from my disciplined regimen over the winter months! (Read all about my introduction to Saranghae skincare products and how I journeyed through the winter months HERE.)

What?! Even summer can wreak havoc on my skin? 

I know that winter can be tough on skin, but it never occurred to me that these quick changes in environment can lead to skin issues as well.  And I don't want to go back to breakout city, where over production of oil reigns.

My battle with cystic acne began in my late teens and continued throughout adulthood. Though I will never have "Covergirl" skin due to the scarring results, I've learned that a healthy glow diminishes the appearance of my scars and helps people focus more on my eyes and my smile. Wink, wink.

All that being said, I decided to stick with my regimen, but with a few minor adjustments.

First up, would be more Saranghae! With the exception of the weekly masks, it took me 5 months to use up all my product from Saranghae! In fact, I'm still using my original bottle of eye cream, but I was going to need more if I planned on getting through the summer months!

Bring on another box, please!!

Now I continue to use the oil+foam cleanser twice a day. Starting with a pump or two in the palm of my hand, I rub it onto my skin dry and then get a lather going by wetting my finger tips.  It's moisturizing and cleansing all in one and it's the ultimate make up remover!

I love this stuff!

In addition, I use the Essence + Serum twice day and the Focus Renewal Eye Cream twice a day.  The Serum has hyaluronic acid but moisturizes as well and promotes regeneration ALL day long and the eye cream keeps my dark circles at bay. Yeah. I'm not skipping those.

What I am changing up is the Restorative Cream. I've stopped applying it in the mornings and use a dab at night, though I may add a bit more if the need arises.

But what about those fabulous Korean sheet masks? Well, I still use those almost weekly. They are a favorite of mine in the 5 step routine! Cool and soothing, I'm happy to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.

I absolutely love how they make my skin feel immediately after AND the day following.

As for that pore refining charcoal cleanser, I'll be using that as needed to assist with clogging from excess oil, sweat and all that sunscreen I keep applying!

So the skincare regimen continues and I think I'll even go make up free somedays. What about you? Do you keep up with your skin care regimen over the summer? What products do you use? Saranghae has an easy to navigate website with lots of scientific facts, as well as fun reviews from everyday people. Want to see for yourself? Then...Start Your Love Story Today and tell me what YOU think!

Thank you for reading along! You keep blogging worthwhile and your feedback is so greatly appreciated!



  1. I do think it's important to keep up my skincare...maybe even more so in the summer? I guess it depends on the year, but once I'm in a habit, I'm usually good!!!
    I do go makeup free some days (unless I go out and about, and then I'll slap on some lipstick)!!

    1. Oh, I know you probably slap on some lipstick color at that! Thanks so much Jodie for chiming in! :)

  2. Haha funny photos! I love a mask and a scrub every week! Have a great weekend!

  3. I actually never heard of this brand before you. Interesting. I am a nut about taking care of my skin! Always have been. Interestingly, my post that I just put up is about some of MY recent additions/changes to my routine! :) Great minds, I guess!
    I always like hearing about new products, though. You never know when you might need to change something up! Thanks, Chrissy!

    1. This was the first I've heard of the brand as well! I need to hop over and read about your additions and changes. I agree it's fun to hear about what people are up to. And your skin looks great so I'm not surprised you keep up with it so well! :)

  4. Skincare is so important! You did a great job describing these products and you are just beautiful as always! Nice work my friend!!

    1. Thank you Kellyann. You're too sweet. I used to think it was a waste of time for me because nothing I was going to do would get rid of the scarring. I've since learned that everything looks better when the face is healthy!!


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