Thursday, August 23, 2018

Saranghae: #Experience the Balance With A New Product - Toner!!!

Since January of this year, I've happily engaged in a consistent skincare regimen with Saranghae, a Korean skincare company. They invited me to try their 5 Step routine and admittedly,  I agreed mostly out of curiosity. Their website proudly shares about innovative science techniques using the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients that produces glowing results. How could I say no? Well, eight months later my relationship with Saranghae products AND the company continues to grow!

What's causing this relational growth? 

Well, this is the first time I've ever stuck to a consistent skincare routine for more than two months! Also, I continue to see results and can't help but anticipate more.

What are the secrets?

For one, it's easy! Unless I'm doing the mask, it's 5 minutes and I'm done. For another, the products leave my skin feeling and looking healthy.  Even with our move to Florida, added humidity and sweat, my skin seems to roll with the punches.  When stress caused a few breakouts, I'd use the charcoal mask as a spot treatment. When extra sweat and grime from cleaning out garages and living amongst the cardboard caused a dull haze, I'd reach for an essence sheet mask. I never felt like I needed another step or an additional product.

I felt like my in-home spa was complete.  I felt like I had it all.

And then came the news that there was yet another product for review. Would I be interested in testing out this new product?

Um, YES!

Enter in their PH balancing toner!

I opened my new bottle and did what I always do when trying a new product - I removed the lid and inhaled.

The fragrance is wonderful and gentle on the senses. I'm back at the spa my friends.

I didn't waste time incorporating this step into my regimen. That evening, after cleansing with step 1, I reached for the toner and poured a small amount into my palm. From there I rubbed my hands together and patted my entire face with this fabulous smelling potion. Once my face dried, I picked back up with my normal routine. You can read all about why I love the 5 Step Regimen HERE.

What is toner?

Toner is used to clean away any remaining impurities left behind after your initial cleansing, or a primer for the essence serum that is Step 2 in the 5 step regimen. 

I've used the toner, which contains hyaluroniceAcid, as well as a blend of other conditioning agents for a balanced PH level, for two weeks. I love this bonus step! In addition to getting my skin back on track, I've noticed an overall lift in texture. Licorice root extract, one of the ingredients in the toner, is supposed to help diminish dark pigmentation from scarring! That's what I'm talking about! Here are pictures of makeup-less ME...

...Imperfect from years of battling acne, but I'm learning to love the skin I'm in, while relishing the continued improvements over time as I stay consistent!

So, I will be continuing to use this toner and keep you up to date with any changes in pigmentation etc. In the meantime, I love what I've experienced thus far and know you would too!

Saranghae's NEW Perfect Balance toner is available today at only $39 on! Like their other products, I can tell this 4 oz. plus bottle will last a long time! You can also read up on the fabulous list of ingredients. Did I mention tthat licorice root helps diminish dark pigmentation from scarring?? And that wonderful scent must be the peony extract!

 Start Your Love Story Today  and tell me what you think of these wonderful products. :)


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