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Top Aldi Picks With Prices That Can't Be Beat

I have three favorites when it comes to grocery stops: Costco, Aldi & Detwiler's Farmer's Market. Do I need to go to all three? Maybe not, but I sure love the system I have. Costco for coffee, lunch meat, cheeses etc, Detwiler's for milk, most of my meats and produce and Aldi seems to fill in the rest. I find that Aldi's prices on our family favorites can't be beat - and that includes B1G1 sales! So today I wanted to share our favorites to either add to your favorites or bring Aldi onto your shopping route! However, let me prepare you in advance, they are not all healthy choices.  There are battles I've chosen to concede in, starting with sugar cereal. Oh the horror!
Why Aldi?
So before I launch in to our favorites, allow me to share an insight or two into the company in case you haven't heard! The Aldi company originated from Germany, but apparently landed on "our" soil (California) in the late 1970's. The company saves buyers money by using their own private labels, locking up their shopping carts, and having buyers bring their own bags. Though Trader Joe's is owned by a brother, they operate independently of each other. However, when I shop Trader Joe's I see the family resemblance. Alright, let's get down to favorites...

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls - Caden's Pick
Again, not healthy but every once in awhile it's nice to have your favorite! These are $1.79 at our Aldi.

One of My Faves - Roasted Hummus for $2.29
This hummus is comparable to Sabra's roasted garlic - so good!
 More Junk for Weekend Free For Alls! Pudding packs at 85 cents and Cheezit knockoffs that are just as tasty for $1.79
 Alfredo Sauce, Produce "Picks of the Week",Canned Mandarins and Organic Soup ( My two favorites of the soups are the tomato basil and chicken noodle.)

More Favorites
Perfect Bars have few ingredients and make a great on the run snack for me!

Healthy Picks: 
  • Grass Fed Burger Patties $9.99
  • Organic Instant Oatmeal $2.29
  • Natural Peanut Butter 16oz: 1.89
  • Perfect Bar $1.89 (under $2 is a good price for these)
  • Organic linguine, wheat spaghetti, rotini or penne pasta $1.29
  • Refried Beans .69 cents
  • Organic Kidney, Pinto & Black canned beans .89
  • Sour Cream - 16oz for .99 cents
  • Natural Vanilla Creamer 2.29 
  • Half-n-Half $1.89
  • Butter $2.99
  • Cream Cheese .99 
  • Cage Free Eggs $2.29
  • Garlic Hummus $2.29
  • Frozen Veggies .99 to $1.19 cents
  • Wild Salmon Family Pack $8.00
Kid Picks:
  • "Premium" Lemonade $1.50
  • Gallon of Sweet Tea $1.99
  • Apple Juice $1.29
  • Family Size tub of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream $4.59
  • Mint Chip Ice Cream (my hubby's favorite!) $2.89 
  • Junk Cereals: Range from 1.29 to 1.99
  • Graham Crackers $1.79
  • Cheese Crackers $1.79
  • Bagels, Hawaiian rolls, etc $1.79-$2.29
The Chicken, Quinoa and Kale Ravioli is not always there, but grab it if you see it. So good!

My family approves of the taste of everything I've listed here and I approve of the price. With the boys bringing friends over, we needed affordable snacks. Aldi also has home good items, seasonal items, etc. I have to be careful when I walk through there to only buy what we need!

Tips If You've Never Been

  • Bring a quarter to unlock the shopping carts
  • Bring your own bags, box or whatever to transport goodies home
  • Bringing more than one small child can be challenging! The aisles are tight and the carts don't accommodate extra young ones.
  • Don't be put off by the "no name" brands. They have a "twice as nice" policy. In other words, if you're not satisfied with any Aldi brand product, they will refund your money and replace it! 
  • Aldi delivers! Go HERE to see if they deliver to your area!
  • Be on the look out for "Aldi Finds"! They have great deals on home goods as well, which change seasonally. 
  • Not all Aldi's have the same products and if you find something you like, grab two. It may not be there the next time!
Ok friends! Have you shopped at Aldi before? If so what's one of your favorite finds?



  1. I love seeing what everyone buys at Aldi.

  2. I really need to get to Aldi more often, that ravioli sounds delish! I heard that Aldi is owned by the same company that owns Trader Joe's. Not sure if that is correct or not. I am inspired by your picks!

  3. I love the tip on delivery. We don't use it often, but it's fabulous when you need it. It's kinda the wave of the future, I figure!!

  4. We don t have a Aldi nearby. I doshop there when we are in the UK and when I was 19 I always bought a lot there! I liked the applepie a lot!

  5. Oh, to have an Aldi's. My niece works for them and is currently working at a Memphis store. I am going to share your post with Shelby. She graduated last spring and went to work for Aldi's immediately. I see all the great things that Aldi's and Trader Joe's have and we are stuck with Walmart.

    You look so fashionable, too, BTW. Darling outfit. I have a pink kimono on the way from Alison & Aubrey. Will pair it with my denim skirt...if I can still get in it Oy vey.

  6. Oh very interesting post darling

  7. I am up and down with my Aldi visits but I know I need to go more because of all this goodness! We love their spaghetti sauce, brown gravy mix and canned mushrooms! Adding some of these things to my list

  8. I honestly cant believe I've never been to Aldi's - everyone tells me how amazing it is & yet, I just always forget about it. Its like my brain has some sort of CHIP to delete that store from my mind!!!!

  9. You have the cutest shopping buddies!!! I wish we had Aldi. They came into Richmond after we left and there was one in Minneapolis, but not near where we lived. I see a lot of people talking about them. You know I love me some Costco too!

  10. I buy 90% of our groceries from Aldis and save SO much money doing it! Once we moved to the Chicago suburbs I noticed how much more expensive groceries were at local chain stores so I reverted to shopping at Aldis. There are a few things I need to get other places, but I love their quality! I need to keep my eye out for that ravioli. It sounds delicious!

  11. The first time I went to Aldi's, I didn't have a quarter or my own bags and then when I went to check out, I had to run home, because I only had my credit card on me and I couldn't remember my debit card code! Duh! LOL! I have been to Aldi's a few times and I need to go more, to save money and find out my family favorites like you've done. I love that you've included some clean items, I've been trying to eat better. The Chicken, Quinoa and Kale Ravioli and Perfect Bars look oh so good!


  12. I wondered why I kept missing your posts and see I didn't follow you on Bloglovin'. My daughter goes to Aldi regularly. I never regularly have because there isn't one that's close enough by to make it worth it. Thanks for the tips, though. I'll remember to take a peek if I'm near one.

  13. I have yet to hear about this and they have such items! I really Love the clutch and how organized it allows you to be.


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