Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites: Muffin Pans, Try Ons & More

Hi! There's so much I love about Friday Favorites. It's like a practice in gratitude for me. Take for example the fact that this week started off difficult and was hectic, but when I start writing about my "favorites" I realize there was more blessing than burden. I guess it's all in how you look at it! For another, I love hearing from YOU and what your favorites are. So without further ado, I'll share my four favorites!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One of My Most Complimented Items

Hello friends! Monday I was delighted to highlight another goal for 2019: Cultivate Meaningful Relationships! I've truly enjoyed being intentional in what I believe to be one of the  most important areas of life - the people. That being said, the day went haywire quickly after I clicked "publish" on the blog screen. The dog chewed my favorite bra by Third Love, one of my shoes, the hubby's new hat, and his ear buds. She was on a chewing rampage! Then to remove all that attention from the poochie mayhem, my middle son dropped his iPhone into the pool. Needless to say, there were not a lot of happy campers around the house and the last thing I wanted to do was hang around for meaningful moments, but I think that's all part of it, right?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Goal Check In: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

Hi! The New Year has come and gone, so why am I still posting on goals? Well, last month I shared my goal line up for 2019 with the intent to highlight each goal in detail on a monthly basis. This is one of my new tactics to prevent veering off the goal track by March! My hope is that I'll keep myself accountable while inspiring others along the way! That being said,  I thought I'd land on "Cultivate Meaningful Relationships" this month, mostly due to how many birthdays we celebrated! Sharing my progress and even encouragement that encourages me.
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