Friday, December 14, 2018

The Striped Tunic, My Usual Felt Hat & New Tradition

That's me thinking. I'm doing a lot of thinking lately. The goal planner that I've mentioned repeatedly since November, has prompted introspection and life evaluation. In turn, I'm seeing several areas that, like a neglected flower bed, needs major tending. But rather than feel doses of self-incrimination and shame, I feel excited to try things differently; maybe even feel a modicum of freedom to dance in who I am. Have you taken some time out to assess how those major life areas such as: health, family, work, rest, finances, etc?  If you haven't, it's worth the time investment because it can help you regroup and maybe even take steps towards a new plan! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday Home "Tour": Christmas Tree Drama, Home Projects & Questionable "Pinterest" Decor

Hello my friends! While I hoped to be sharing photos of a festively decorated home, it would seem that this post is going to take a different turn. From mini-Christmas tree disasters, missing decorations that most assuredly are at Goodwills across Georgia, to unexpected adventures in finishing off house projects this December, we are off to a memorable start! Read on to join me and my contribution to this year's Holiday Home Tour, hosted by Ada at Elegance and Mommyhood. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Eva Trends: Front Pocket Sweater & Link Up

Hello! December snuck in and brought another Sunday Showcase link up and What's Coming Up post your way! Last month Kellyann, Ada and I featured our Favorite Fall Trends and this month it's all about the sweaters. Now that I'm in Florida, my sweater collection is going to be few, so I want the space I allot for said sweaters to count. With that being said, allow me to introduce this comfortable and festive sweater from Eva Trends!
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