Monday, September 28, 2020

Why I Chose a Corded Shark Vacuum

shark vacuum

Before I understood what blogging even was, I followed Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskates. I'd get her emails and excitedly read her reviews and her tips, as well as reader tips she'd share. I learned a lot from Ms. Mary and made more than one consumer choice based on her recommendation. She's the real deal and I'm happy to say she's still busting out good content.

One of the products I purchased based on her review was the Shark Navigator Pro. I loved the hose, tools, and the easy cleaning system. However, last month my sweet hubby decided to vacuum his new-to-him john boat while it was still damp. After a few days, I went to use my vacuum and almost choked on the old fish smell. Yuck! In addition, the motor didn't seem to appreciate the fish smell either (ok, it was the water).

I decided to search for Mary's blog and see if she updated her vacuum post. Well, she did! And guess what? She still recommends the Shark Pro if you're shopping for a corded vacuum. I ordered one off of Amazon that she linked. It's even better than our last Shark and at $199 it's affordable!

Sometimes a cord is annoying but honestly, battery charging, etc is a nuisance to me. Pros and cons, right?

The vacuum is lightweight with a removable base for convenient stair vacuuming or when you need to get in those more awkward places.  
Shark Navigator Pro
I love the attachments! The hose comes with three attachments. One with a brush, a narrow headpiece for hard to reach places, and a pet tool. 

Shark Navigator

The pet tool is a must in my house with a dog AND cat that sheds! I use that pet tool over every cushion and pillow in this house. Sometimes I even go over my bedspread in between washes since we let our pets have full reign. Sigh. 

Maintenance is easy! After the job is done, I dump out the dirt and debris and the filter is periodically cleaned with warm soap and water. 
What is your vacuum of choice? Is cordless a must for you? It's been about three months since I replaced my old Shark with this new Shark and I'm still loving it. Thankfully, Shark continues to make good quality vacuums. 

*Photos were taken by the lovely Emma at Emma Renee Photography.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Three Outfits, One Stinking Cute Pair of Shoes

Jambu & Co

Hello and join me in officially welcoming fall! Oh, I know so many have long decorated their homes and cleared the Target dollar spot while sipping their PSL.  Are you guilty? Of course, there's no judgment.  I'd probably be the same way if not for my penchant for procrastination. Oh, and that unexpected visit to the ER, and well, let's just say September almost dropped off my calendar! 

Was it one of those four Rowdy boys? No, my friends. It was me unknowingly facing death's door with blood clots in the legs that ended up with a diagnosis of five pulmonary embolisms! Praise God I'm still here. There's much I could share (and have on IG), but today's post is on SHOES: wonderful, comfortable, stylishly fun, and adventure-loving shoes! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Denim Jacket Round Up

denim jacket

Hello, my dears! How are you this week? By the end of summer, I think it's fun to go back and see all the documented outfits I styled with the classic, closet staple: the jean jacket! And how far the denim jacket has come, right? Now we have them in various lengths, washes, dyes, cuts, etc! However, I must admit that somehow I'm down to only one - ha! Whatever is the matter with me? Perhaps I can speak to the minimalists out there? That being said, feel confident that this post will be short, sweet, and simple.  Also, I had some unexpected events over the last week. I've shared in detail on Instagram stories, but if you are curious you can still listen in on Highlights

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