Wednesday, April 24, 2019

GAP Midi Wrap Dress & A Few More

 Short Sleeve Midi Dress/Hat/Shoes: Old/Purse: Old

Hello! My hubby and I went shopping together this weekend! I told him I'd like to shop for dresses and he volunteered to go.  Surprised but happy to oblige, we hopped into our family mobile and headed to the mall. Since I had a $30 credit at the GAP we stopped in there. Success came quickly (thank goodness - he isn't as patient as my MIL), starting off with this short sleeve midi wrap dress. Boy is that a mouthful! My husband liked this one immediately and seemed a tad disappointed that I wanted to try on ALL the ones I pulled of the racks! I'm giggling right now. He didn't understand the concept! And his commentary on the dresses that followed cracked me up.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day: Beach Clean Up & Networking

This Easter weekend was bustling with activity, but I couldn't resist the temptation to add one more event to the calendar - a Beach Clean Up gathering with Salt Link. Salt Link is a company dedicated to helping local influencers connect and collaborate with each other, so in honor of Earth Day they decided on the beach clean up. Cleaning up is far more fun in groups, so I drove over to Lido Beach and met a new set of faces.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Meadowlark Leggings: Eco-Friendly, Elegant & Comfortable

 Hello beautiful, sweet friends reading this post! You being here makes me want to reach through my computer screen and hug you (except for creepy, anonymous dude - I don't want to hug you).  Thank you! Alright enough of that! Now if you love leggings, you're in for a treat! You may have seen the Meadowlark Clothing Brand of leggings featured around the blogger block here recently.  Well, I'm thrilled to confirm the praises I've read thus far. From a beautiful design to a fit that will make you forget you're wearing pants - these leggings are worth their weight in eco-friendly polyester (keeping with Earth Day coming up)!  I've worn a LOT of leggings before and sang their praises, but now I'm singing a new song.
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