Monday, April 15, 2019

Small Steps To Care For the Planet

With Earth Day coming up, I thought it the perfect time to share my small steps to care for our planet.  Our family of 6 produces a lot of garbage and with our busy schedule it's easy to want convenience in everything.

My friends, this will not be an extensive post on the effects of pollution, but rather a brief overview of the small steps I've taken to care for our home and ultimately the earth more. As you may know, I lean towards a natural approach. However, moving to Sarasota during their worst bout of Red Tide in maybe ten years, motivated me to pick back up "cleaner" habits I've neglected.

On the rare occasion I ventured to the beach to see the conditions for myself, I felt depressed. The dead fish lining the shores and floating in the surf made me feel as if I was living in the apocalypse or something. For images go HERE.

You can't delve to far into the world of healthy food choices without learning about what you're putting on your skin, inhaling around the house via cleaners, synthetic fragrances etc. It's overwhelming, but the amount of earth friendly products available nowadays are extensive! Not only are the choices vast, but they are fun, cute and attractive.

There are three specific companies helping me on this aspect of my natural journey...

Grove Collaborative: recognized for doing good for people, home, animals, planet, they offer products that are gentler on the earth and support Arbor Day Plantation, an organization that plants trees across the US

Grove Collaborative has GREAT customer service, decent prices, a growing selection, and it comes straight to your door. They offer a full set of Meyers Cleaning Products for FREE when you give them a try. I've been a member since the spring of 2018 and continue to enjoy their service.

Simply Earth Essential Oils: Creates recipe subscription boxes with essential oils for a more natural YOU and home
Wild Little Lemon: A new company start up providing earth friendly choices - A
I love to support small businesses, especially women that are creatively using their skills to enter the entrepreneur life.

Pictured Above:
Paw Sense pet deodorizer and spot cleaner
Meyer's Clean day - Multi Surface
Simply Earth DIY Surface Cleaner
Bon Ami cleanser scrub (works great on electric cooktops)
Simply Earth DIY Dishwashing Detergent

Beeswax Wraps, Mason Jar Baggies and Straws

The beeswax wraps from Wild Little Lemon are darling! I've shared them on the blog before, but the more I use them the more I love them. What started out as merely sandwich wrap is now a storage staple. As for those mason jar baggies, I was thrilled to have them. Thank you WLL for entrusting me with these goodies!

Leftover block of cheese wrapped cozy in the cutest wrap...
 Larger food wraps are holding lettuce and asparagus...
My food wrap drawer is the perfect display of a work in progress. I have one teen trained to take reusable baggies to school for lunches, but my other teen would throw those puppies away. I'm slowing switching out items piece by piece, but Wild Little Lemon sped up my process with the Mason Jar Baggies and wraps. My absolute favorite are the wraps, I only drag out the cling wrap when sending food off to another household!

If you love the idea of the cutest beeswax wraps, use my code: granola30 for 30% off!  Such a STEAL. I saw these wraps on a mainstream website for environmentally friendly products so I know these are becoming more popular!

Water Filters, Reusable Water Bottles
Do you have an extensive water bottle collection? We've had several come through our doors over the years and I have my favorites. Living in Hot-Florida means I need insulated water bottles for driving around, hanging at the beach, etc. However, I love the simplicity of my Tervis Water Bottle with the pop top.

These water bottles work great for me because of our water filters! I bought our 10 Stage Enviro Filter several years ago and only have to replace the filter once a year. It's installed at the sink making it fantastically convenient for me. I also have the Pitcher from Grove Co, which I purchased before we were able to install the 10 Stage. The boys insist that water from the pitcher taste better than our 10 Stage, but I think it's because the pitcher is refrigerated. They both taste great to me! (FYI: The filter in the pitcher has to be replaced every 2 to 3 months.)

Reusable Straw

This stainless steel straw came with a travel pouch and cleaner brush. I carry it around in my purse and love to use it. It feels good in my mouth and it so easy to travel with. This one was a swag item from a blogger conference, but I plan on getting a back up!

Ahem, disregard the plastic cup I'm drinking out of! Progress.

See? Baby steps. Have you tried a stainless steel straw or beeswax wraps before? Those are both first for me!


  1. I love Meyer's products. It's the only cleaning products that I can use that do not irritate my skin.

    1. I love the different scents available as well! And how nice of your skin to alert you to harmful chemicals, right?? Have a great week Heather!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this! I've swapped out most of my cleaning products and love Meyer's. I need to check out Wild Little Lemon! I've also been wanting to try the beeswax wraps!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you Jill! In full disclosure, I worried that folks would be bored by this post. And I'm so glad you're going to check out Wild Little Lemon. Ali is so sweet, her packaging is adorable and 30% off is so generous! Hope you enjoy the wraps!

  3. You are so good about this Chrissy and so organized! Love it!

    1. Thank you Kellyann! I throw away a lot of trash still, but I'm trying.

  4. We just started thinking about our cleaners. I think at first it can be overwhelming to switch everything out, so doing it a little at a time, makes it manageable.

    1. You're exactly right Jodie! A little at a time is the way to go! I started years ago and still need reboots - just like everything else. It's helped me to sign up for Grove Pantry. Have you heard of them?

  5. We can't save the world in one day can we. But working on it is a good start

    1. No indeed we cannot, and I have a long way to go but it feels good to try somewhere along the way.

  6. I love this is a passion of yours.... you dont find many people who even care anymore. Luckily, there are more thoughtful products out there that support the cause!

    1. I honestly think living by the ocean is jogging my brain a bit. I got really slack once my boys got older so let's just say I'm on a slow reboot. haha!

  7. I need to be better about using my reusable metal straws I got for Christmas! I love the idea of reusable bags, I use SO many for Aut's lunches and I know she'd be good about bringing them back home.


    1. They are fun, aren't they? Especially if you have a to-go pouch. I brought mine to seaworld and it came in handy because they don't offer straws at all. lol Another option for kid lunches on the baggies are the grove pantry reusable ones. My middle son does great with those, but I'm not sure how well he would care for my beeswax wraps!

  8. Nicely done!! Learning all the time. Thank you for leading the way.


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