Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Best Print Pants for Travel and Everyday Where

It's true. These Bo and Nic pants are the best pants for travel and everyday wear. Do you want to know how I know? I own three pairs! They are worn on a regular basis and have made road trips as well as flights around the US. You can stuff them in your suitcase and be dinner ready that evening, having never touched an iron. Yes, they are wrinkle free! In addition, the four way stretch material repels liquids, making them stain resistant. 

But why a print? Prints create more options and add style interest to your outfit. In the blue and green outfit, I loved using my blue earrings and bracelet stack to pair with the blue in the pants. The green top and shoes became the perfect contrast! I've also styled these pants with navy, white, hot pink and gray. No doubt there's more possibilities! 

Leopard Snow Pants

The leopard print is one of the easier prints to style in my humble opinion. They are also great if you like a more subtle print. With this outfit, I went completely boho, but have worn these multiple times to work. Wouldn't a blazer look fabulous with these? And they dress up so nicely for dinner. 

Sugar Crush Pink

The Sugar Crush Pants are a nice pink, white and grey blend. This outfit went to Lake George, NY with us. I walked around town during the day in flats, but added wedges to be ready for a dinner date with the hubs.

Now let's review why these pants are a good investment for you!
  • They are stylish and fun.
  • They have pockets.
  • They are wrinkle free.
  • They are stain resistant.
  • They are made from a four-way stretch material. Comfortable!
  • They are made in the USA.
  • You can save 20% by using my code: CHRISSY20
Lastly, for sizing reference, I wear a medium. I'm 5'6" and have fluctuated in weight between 130 pounds to 145 pounds over the last year. These pants remained comfortable through it all. ;)  So what do you think? Would you wear print pants? 

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