Monday, July 10, 2017

New Headband & Girlfriend Shorts for A Crazy Safari Ride

Hello! I hope your summer continues with adventures, big or small, and lots more memories made. If there be some unpleasant adventures, I hope there is laughter after the fact. If plans fell through for something anticipated, I hope plan B arose with great surprises! That being said, I'd like to share more of our mini-adventures from our trip to Columbus, Georgia. But first, let's talk about this outfit.

I ordered the headband from Seriously Happy Tees (I have a couple tees from her as well) in honor of the fourth, but I think it's subtle enough to wear whenever!

Here's how I wore it for the 4th...

My small head with fine hair makes for headband challenges! It takes a good bit of maneuvering, but once mastered I love it.

As for these girlfriend shorts from GAP, I'm a comfy and happy camper while sporting them.  Will they be my new favorite? Only time will tell.  They do wrinkle after extended periods of sitting (car rides!), but that doesn't bother me.  You can style them rolled up or down depending on your top or shoe style. In fact, GAP is currently have an extra 40% off online with the code HAPPY.  Extra money off the already reduced prices is hard to resist!

Pink Drink Treat! ;)

Outfit Breakdown:

Headband: Seriously Happy Tees (Under the "extras" tab)/ Linen Tank: GAP (Limited Sizing!)/ Girlfriend Shorts: (Exact)/Chacos: REI (Exact Print & Style)/Clutch: My Thirty One/Charm Necklace & Suede Bracelet: Premier Designs (Catalog)
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****The Adventure****

My sister in law is passionate about animals and the environment, so I was not surprised when she suggested we visit Wild Animal Safari not far from Columbus. I love visiting zoos and thought this would be even better because the animals can come right up to your car! So we packed up a lunch and drove the 33 miles to our next adventure...

The pricing is not so grand, even with a military discount! I imagine it costs a lot to run the place, but be ready to pay around $24 for adults and $18 for kids. In addition, you will want to purchase food to feed the animals and if you don't wish to use your car it's an extra $25 to rent one of their safari vans! Ouch! However, you can look online for promotions - Wild Animal Safari.

Once we had our tickets we drove up to the gate, where this nice gentleman checked our passes and offered us a slobber towel for $4.00.

"Slobber Towel?! Um, no thank you."

We laughed and drove on. The first animal we came to was a bison!!!!!

What in the world?!?! Give me a towel!!!

Evan's face says it all in this picture. I can tell you that we laughed until our sides hurt and tears came to our eyes. My four year old nephew wanted no part in feeding any animal after that experience. However, he did toss pellets out the window to some turtles.

"I don't want to feed the bison! Roll up your windows!"

Soon we all had enough of "cow" mouth.  It was full of drool mixed with mud and occasional belching, which smelled like sulfur (or in Jessi's words "booty").

So we fed bison, watusi, elk, giraffe, camels, donkeys, zebras and tossed food pellets to the pigs wandering around the preserve. It was so fun, albeit slightly disgusting! Be sure to bring a towel and wet wipes. This was our car when we left. I recommend going through the trail twice if you can. Different animals make their way across the road and you get more bang for you buck. Also, there is a "walkabout" trail, which is definitely worth the extra time. I think it would be nice to go in the fall or spring for both experiences.

Well, that's all for today my reader friends!



  1. Chrissy, thanks so much for sharing this fun post on my link up. It is a featured favorite on my new link up today! I am loving your adorable casual style. And what a fun family trip!


    1. Aww, thanks Shelbee! That made my morning. It's always a pleasure to link up with your page. :)


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