Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Kid! You Hijacked My Day!

Well, that is a little dramatic and really are any of my days "my" days? But you know what I'm saying...The following picture is obviously taken in a public bathroom. It is not even a full length shot. "My" plan was to get some work done in the afternoon, hang out with my boys and big brother and get some nice picture shots outside.  Plan for the unexpected comes to mind.

Are you tired of this green scarf yet??
I guess I will have to do another post on outfits with the plaid shirts.  Lol.  Here is what actually transpired...

It's a beautiful afternoon. The little men are playing in the backyard and I am gathering a few items to take outside with me to join them.  My afternoon cup of hot tea, computer to get some work done and a throw blanket, to ward off the windy chill, are awkwardly filling my arms.

"Hello boys! You having fun?"

"Yes!" They chorus together.

I have to walk back into the garage to get a chair cushion, but other than that the work load is small for the moment and I am ready to enjoy the afternoon.

Everything is in place. I sink into my chair, smile at the boys running amuck in the yard and lift my tea to my lips.

Skip-de-dee-do-dah. Here comes Evan trotting down the bouncing and sweet smile in place.  Then it happens. At full speed, he trips and smacks his little head into the edge of the deck. Immediately he cries out in pain and the tea, never touched, gets sloshed all over as I clumsily jump out of my chair.

There is blood. A lot of blood.  Scooping him up I race inside to clean it up and take a look. It's a little gash but it's wide open. Stitches. Argh! The direction of the day just veered from patio chair to emergency room, germ-chair.  Thankfully my brother was visiting that day and was able to keep the rest of the boys.

Off we went to have that wound attended to. I was tempted to ask a friend that was good at sewing...I know, not the same thing. Moving on.

I won't bore you with all the monotonous details of hanging at the ER, but please allow me to share a few pics.
In gown and awaiting doctor
Long past bored...awaiting the doctor
And finally...

We are done!

I will close with this. The more I thought of this very minor event in our life, I couldn't help but think of my friends and loved ones who have experienced traumatic "unexpecteds" in their lives.  They woke up thinking the day would be like any other day...I am so thankful for the gift of each day with my loved ones.  Praying for those in need of comfort today.



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Puffy Vest Will Warm That Chest!

Well it will.

Another day of running errands. It's chilly but who wants to wear a coat in and out of the stores? Where are you my darling puffy vest??

You know, I have no idea if vests are in style right now, but I liked how this down vest looked over my graphic sweater. So, I guess I'm not too worried about it. Without the added layer this ensemble looked unfinished, not to mention adding little protection against the chill. Sometimes keeping my core warm is all that is necessary.

The jeans were hand-me-downs and the vest is, yup - old. Those little monkeys, who hijacked picture time, belong to me but I borrowed the dog to appeal to all you pet lovers out there.  Kidding. True, she is not my dog, but she kept springing into the picture and was too sweet to send away.

Here is a closer look...

Do you have any vests that you have neglected for awhile?


Friday, March 1, 2013

The Variety Feature

Welcome to my first and hopefully not my last post in a sporadic series of VARIETY FEATURES! As the old saying goes, "variety is the spice of life" and I fully believe it. It is not enough for me to merely post my personal outfit successes and failures, for I find enjoyment in the appreciation of another's self-expression through clothing. And ladies, you are all just so cute!

DISCLOSURE: I will only post my own "failures". All "Variety Features" will be cuties, cuties, cuties.

So here we go...

We are all different. 


Different body shapes and heights ...

styles that range from ultra conservative to positively flamboyant and vibrant.    

Trendy and wild...

sporty or glamorous.


I can appreciate what someone else is wearing without necessarily feeling the need to have it for myself. Often times I get inspiration from another to use something that's been laying around in my closet with no purpose. Poor purposeless thing.


Please allow me to share two CUTIES today. They have a fun, easy way about themselves that spills over into their chic sense of style, each unique.

Rea & Zoe
Yes, yes. They are identical twins, but definitely different.  I think these ladies can pull off any style, so I appreciate their willingness to be the first "subjects". Muhaha.  Special thanks ladies for being such good sports and graciously agreeing to an impromptu pic or two...or three. :)

Quick to Laugh...Just so fun.
I spy great jeans, cute haircuts/styles and fun accessories. :)

This may become one of my favorite series on this blog! What do you think about the "Variety Feature"?

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