Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What I Wore: The Best Dressed Face

clean skin care
Some days I put extra thought into what I wear and some I don't. Can you relate? How about the face? How much thought goes into your skincare or make-up? For many women, I'd wager a lot based on the fact that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! Whether it be with a skincare regime plus make-up or just a regimen, we are dressing our face up one way or the other. And I'd like to have "the best-dressed face", which I'd say is the healthiest our personal skin can be.

Though I believe that healthy, glowing skin begins with whole foods, plenty of hydration, and the right supplements where needed, it's nice to have some extra help. And by help, I mean wild-crafted, chemical-free goodness that is going to not only build up your skin but contribute to your overall wellbeing. How is it that I used to look at my body in parts when it functions as a whole? When one part of the system is out of whack it affects the overall function. It all comes down to cells, but that's as far into science that I'd like to delve for one post. Ha!

If you've followed this blog for a while then you may have seen posts on essential oils, clean deodorant, and clean makeup. Well, today I am elated to introduce my latest love in beauty...MIG, aka, Might In Good. 

Meet MIG...Mighty In Good

skin care

Why did I partner with MIG? 

First, I was drawn to the purity of their products... pure enough to eat, hand-made in small batches, beeswax purchased from small bee farmers, and some of the wild herbs were foraged for in the mountains of Colorado. This skincare line is full of nature's best ingredients to give your body what it needs to take care of itself! It sounds basic. We want innovation. But what if today's innovation is to find a way back to the beginning? What if we feed our body the food it loves and craves while beginning and ending the day with products our skin cell function will understand?

What drew me from there was the genuineness of the reviews. There was no over-the-top gushing and no outlandish claims. There was a truthful encouragement to care for your body and skin.  There was a  reminder that if you give it what it needs, it will respond in kind. And there was a genuine surprise from the results of using ingredients straight from the earth with no chemical boost. How can they be so pure and still work? 

Lastly, I was drawn to the heart of the founder. She went from banking to researching how to make soap. After a year, she was on to something. She began selling her hand-crafted goodies at her local farmer's market. Friends pushed her to find solutions to certain skin ailments and she would research and formulate some more.  When she returned with said formulation they were elated to find a working solution. And from small sales to increased sales, she always gave a percentage towards the fight against human trafficking. 

Product Favorites

Now, the MIG inventory is not extensive by any means but just the same, I'll share what I love for now and save the rest for another day. 



I was researching the different brands of collagens, looking for high quality, clean product. What I didn't expect to learn was that there are several types of collagen. Most brands use Types 1 and 3, but a few make a type 2. Apparently, our bodies will recognize type 2 AS collagen from the start of digestion to the end of digestion. No breaking down into amino acids before it gets to our hair, skin, nails, joints, and skin. I had no idea. I could do a full post on collagen later, but for today I'll suffice it to say that I was happy with the purity of the MIG collagen elixir. This goes in my daily cup of morning coffee.

Cleansing Charcoal Bar 

charcoal bar
When my package arrived I put the charcoal bar aside. It claims to cleanse, refresh and help the struggle of breakouts, but would it dry out my skin? I kept to the lavender bar, which works well for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. However, something made me take a chance on the charcoal bar. 

I pulled the charcoal bar out of the sack and inhaled. How delightful! In no time, I had the water going and an easy lather foaming in my hands.  The more I moved my hands around my face the more beautiful the lather; the more intoxicating the aroma.  After rinsing and patting dry, my skin felt nourished, clean, and refreshed. After a few uses, I noticed the size of my pores diminishing. That rarely happens for me. Now it's my go-to bar for day and night, though sometimes I'll alternate with the lavender bar.

Blackberry Leaf Serum

serum minimize pores
hand crafted herbs

This bottle of amazing goodness is hand-crafted from wildcrafted herbs in the Woodlands of Colorado and from Botanicals in the South of France. After a month of consistent use, I'm already seeing changes in my skin tone, extra radiance, and glow, with hopes of more healing in the future. There are no added chemical fragrances in this serum so what you smell are those infused flowers, roots, botanical oils, and seeds.

Kombucha Rose Toner

balancing toner
This fresh and invigorating toner restores balance, is anti-aging and anti-blemish! It was added to my regimen this week. That being said, I can only tell you that I love how it feels and that it works nicely before I apply my serum.  

Waterless Facial Lotion Bar


This product surprised me more than the charcoal bar. It's waterless and it's made from beeswax. When I opened the bottle there was no denying the beeswax. A bright orange color greeted me, followed by a smooth texture. The bar glided across my skin, leaving my face feeling hydrated and healthy. This product not only hydrates the skin but also diminishes the appearance of scars and fine lines.  See their website for more info as to why they don't put water into ANY of their products! 

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Last thing for now! The Dead Sea Mud Mask. Guess what's in this Dead Sea Mud Mask? Dead Sea Mud. Period. The mask accelerates the exfoliation process of your skin while minimizing pores, wrinkles and lines. This is done one to three times a week based on your skincare needs. Right now I do this once a week and it seems to be enough. 

mud mask

I snapped some before photos about two weeks into using these products, so I hope to come to you with more updates soon! 

Also, their subscribe and save option is amazing. It comes at no cost, is hassle-free (I've already adjusted mine a few times to suit my needs), and saves you twenty percent off the product. Oh and one more thing! When you subscribe and save you automatically receive a link that saves a friend $10 on their first purchase and gives you a $10 credit towards your next. It's so generous. 

You can bet I have a link..My link and your ticket to $10 off your first purchase of pure goodness! MIG Living

What skincare are you loving right now, or making you fall in love with your skin?

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  1. This brand looks and sounds amazing! Would love to try that serum. Thanks so much for the link up!

  2. What a great range! It's nice you got so much to try. I really like the sound of the mask! I try do a mask once a week I think it really makes a difference with my skin :)

    Thanks for the link up :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Even beautiful with that mask on my friend! These products sound great and I hope you have a great day!

  4. Hi Chrissy I like the sound of these natural products!
    Enjoyed the review.
    I love a great mask, when I find one!
    jess xx

  5. These sound like lovely products! Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy your day! XO, Caroline

  6. These sound like great products!! I wish I could smell them through the screen, like a scratch and sniff. Haha!

    Miles of smiles,

  7. Such an informative and thorough post- I love it! Like you, I believe that nutrition and keeping healthy is essential for great skin- but hey- of course we need the extra help (plus its pampering:) Thanks Chrissy! xx

  8. That face lotion bar looks like heaven for the skin!!! I love a good face mask. This just looks like an at home spa day at its best!!! And, these products look like they're made with love.


  9. I love that this brand goes back to the basics! That facial lotion bar and mud mask both sound amazing! Thank you for sharing your review!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. What a story behind the brand, the founder certainly has a gift. Glad you have enjoyed so many great products.

  11. Looks a fantastic range - a brand with integrity. Thanks for linking.

  12. Ahhh...I love to see this collagen info Chrissy!! Thanks for sharing!! I'll have to get some.

  13. Definitely something to check out!

  14. This line sounds interesting! I need to check them out. Great review!

  15. Chrissy, what wonderful products! I love that you have found this natural skin care brand and I really enjoyed the background story. Charcoal cleaners are so, so good! I seriously felt like I had never properly cleansed my skin the first time I used a charcoal bar. It is amazing! Thanks for sharing and linking with me!


  16. These products all sound so good! The idea of a facial lotion bar is wonderful! It would be really easy to apply!

  17. Thank you for sharing these goodies with us for the #AgelessStyleLinkUp. I am terrible about sticking to a skin care regimen but need to remedy that. I like the sound and look of these products!



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