Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just Load Up Those Kids Adventures

It was beginning to feel like the rain would not stop here in Georgia.  My husband and first born left for middle school camp that morning and my sister and her daughter were up visiting.  There would be no laying out by the pool, no park, and the little ones would not do well at the movies. We were scheduled to leave for the beach in 3 days, 3 long days. The walls and ceiling were closing in. Pity party. Pity party begins, but cannot continue for long.

Why not start out for vacation a little early? Find a stopping place on the way or something. Did we want to be cooped up in my quaint ranch for those three days with 1 school age boy, 2 preschool boys and 1 toddler?? Neigh I say.

The internet search began and by the end of the afternoon we settled on a plan to leave the following day, drive to Jacksonville and stay at a hotel for two nights, supposedly a seven minute walk from the beach. It was actually a 20 minute drive, but whose counting??

Now all we had to do was get an oil change, clean up the house and pack...Yikes!

Hello adventure...let the good times begin - and they did!

The drive was easy, with the help of a few electronic devices and sights to see. I felt so liberated and could not stop smiling; laughing at the smallest of cute, child antics...Lyla and Evan are fighting in the back. Oh, how funny! Oh, how cute!

We broke up our 5 hour trip with a stop at the infamous Cracker Barrel for dinner, where we were able to snag a decent meal and then finish up  the last two hours of our adventure.

No one but Aunt Lauren wanted to do this pic

Once at the hotel the youngin's were wound up and ready to explore. This blurry picture cracks me up so I had to add it.  One little gal on the phone, while the boys go crazy on the beds. We had literally just walked into our room. No worries, we had that under control pretty quick.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little Cut Off Action (or a LOT)

You know what I love to do in the beginning of summer?? Make exciting travel plans, even though I know I can't fit them all in!

At the start of each summer I feel as if I will have all the time in the world. However, before I know it the end of July quickly approaches threatening my summer plans! But for those day trips and week long trips that I do fit it, I can't think of anything more comfortable and easy then my cut-offs.

The possibilities are endless with your cut-off jean shorts, as they are with jeans, but here are a few ways I sported, unashamedly I might add, my cut-offs! Oh and for a visual treat, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post!


Ahhh...what a comfortable and common place to seat yourself. Don't ask...some ideas seem like good ones at the time.

Adding color by accessories, I wore this to the movies

A simple neutral colored shirt with mid-thigh cutoffs and colored accessories. I actually tucked this shirt in and sported a green belt as well, which you are unable to see due to my fab diving board pose.


This next one I am wearing the same shirt, but left it untucked and added different accessories. I like this one more.
Slight variation in accessories, I wore this to run errands

Here are my knee length cutoffs. Why to the knee? I don't know. I just know that they are comfortable.
I tried something different by pairing my striped long-length shirt. By the way, getting a photo done around my house without being photo bombed takes some sneakiness and planning.  Fail. I was found...

Green smoothie for a quick filler before I run out the door

Lastly, the longer cutoffs with a graphic shirt. Notice I am sporting the same sandals with each ensemble. Yeah, my day to day has been kept pretty simple this summer. I wanted to wear the shorter cutoffs with cowgirl boots. Since we were going to the beach my sister said she wasn't going with me if I did. Well!   

Love my photo bombers!!
Lastly for today...blast back into the past for sure and use them for a bathing suit cover up. Put on a pair of roller blades and glide down the boardwalk. You know you want to!

Have you been sporting cut-offs this summer? If not, do you have a pair of jeans that have seen better days and could use a new purpose??

Yeah, don't do this.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Camping Adventures: How We Played

In my previous post, I shared about a few ways that I kept a little granola, aka healthy, in our camping trip to Vogel State Park. But the week would be sadly misrepresented if I didn't share about what we actually did during the day.  So here it goes...


The lake was close enough to camp for the big kids to experience independence and ride bikes down on their own. Freedom never tasted so good!

Now, you will not see any pictures of me in the lake becuase I did not go in the lake. Too cold. A little gross. However, the minors were not deterred in anyway.

Dad was coaxed to come out and play

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